Monday, June 2, 2014

The First Big Week!

Alright Welcome to COBAN people! Aye aye aye, This has been the longest, most crazy 2 weeks of my life.
So My last week in the CCM was very exciting but I'm not going to focus too much on that due to the fact the past 6 days have been insane. But, I did have a really special experience where we asked the elders in our district to give us a blessing before we left; and it was the most powerful experience I have ever had. I'm so grateful for priesthood power and they knew just what to say. AH! It was great!
Ok. so we left the CCM at 5 in the morning and got to Coban at about 10;00 and that's about the last of English I've heard ahah. We went in, had welcome meetings and then I met my trainer .Hna Cerrato. She is the cutest little lady from Honduras. NO she does not speak English. No. I do not speak Spanish. Yes, we are BFF'S. For reals, I love that lady though. She is 20 and has been in the field for 1 year. She is SO patient with me. When i first met her she was kinda rough around the edges but now we are Best friends and joke all the time. She is really funny and always knows what to say to make me feel better. She says there have been other people who have had Spanish as bad as mine and learned in like 2 or 3 months and thinks I will too because I work hard. Yes she is the best mom trainer in the world. I like her a lot.

After I met her , we went to our little apartment in our area which is Los Campos. It's the 2nd dangerous in the mission ,but God is protecting me so all is well. But the Elders before us left the apartment in a complete pig sty and didn't have very good record keeping; so this week the work has been pretty slow because we don't really know what is going on. LOTS of walking and contacting. I hope it picks up soon. I have been so humbled here because people literally have nothing. We are talking half the people with candle for light and no furniture. It's crazy. But we do have 3 investigators.... I think I literally just follow Hna Cerrato around and try to understand what is going on. But on eof them is named Juan Carlos and he is 10, the other is named Ana and she only speaks Qechi (ON a side note sometimes people will start speaking qechi here and I'm like heck Ill never learn Spanish and then Hna cerrato is like no... that was Qechi don{t worry your not dumb) Any who and the other is This lady named Irma and her 4 Kids which is my favorite family. Her kids are so funny and help me with my Spanish.
Everyday we have lunch at these members house and they are so nice and feed us A LOT. I love the food here.... it's so good. But they are really loving and all the people here are really patient and loving to me.
I've come to the realization I'm going to feel dirty for the next year and a half..... Cuz you are literally just hangin out camping 24-7. Alright... I love nature. Lets do this.

Oh heck what else... I{m trying to narrow it down.... Oh well one day I locked us out of the house and we had to break in.. that was exciting. Every night we have to have a member with us at 5{30 on cuz there are some sketchiness here but lots of times we can{t find anyone to go with us which is real frustrating so we just go to members houses and visit them. So everyone help the missionaries cuz it's dang annoying. Sometimes. actually a lot of times, I try to speak to people and they don't understand me so Hna Cerrato has to translate..... whoopsy.

I'm having the worst fun ever hear in Los Campos! I really do love and hate it at the same time and I'm really learning a lot about being patient! Spanish will come in time. It's so pretty and life is good! Thank you for your prayers! I pray for you all every night. Not gonnal lie.. I was pretty homesick this week but it's all part of the experience yeah!? God has blessed me so much! And I know I can do anything with Him!

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  1. So... Hi!:) My name is Kenslie and I am going to be going to Hermana Soresnsen's same exact mission! I've been stalking her blog and tried to get as much info as I could from it! She sounds like she is having a total blast! I love how she is so optimistic! It makes me even more excited to go!!:) Hopefully I'll be able to meet up with her sometime while I'm out! And ps... If possible do you think I could contact her?