Monday, June 9, 2014

A whole new world (Gringa Edition!)

Hellooooooo!   How are you beautiful people?

Things are great here in Los Campos. I am still struggling in a big way with my Spanish, but it gets a little better every day. Sometimes I would like to trip and fall and get sent home, but then I have a conversation with someone and all is well in the world cuz I’m a missionary, that’s why.  Anywho I had a very great and wet week. It rains BUCKETS here! For reals people it’s insane. But if you wanna know  a miracle; my first few days I didn’t have a backpack, umbrella, or rain boots-- NO rain at all, then this week it rained so much. If that’s not a tender mercy, I don’t know what is!  

The work is picking up here and we are finding more investigators. For three of them, Spanish is their 2nd language, so we give them all our reading material in Queqchi. This is rough people because first of all, they are trying to understand Spanish, then when I talk, I am probably saying it wrong, with my gringa accent--and on top of that Hna. Cerrato says that between my accent and the fact I have a raspy voice, it makes it even harder for people to understand me. But it’s OK cuz’ that will make me work harder on my accent and I’ll be a real pro. . . . Someday.  So basically I just try to love everyone a lot. That’s fine. Actions speak louder than words, right? It’s not hard to serve people here because no one has anything. One of my favorite families to teach lives in a one room shack with a dirt floor.  They are just so nice and ready to learn. But I hope it works out because the dad is SUPER Catholic and the wife doesn’t think he will want them to listen. BOOOOO! :But,  oh well, at least we are trying.

So my favorite scripture of the week is probably Alma 26 27.”Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold the Lord comforted us, and said:  Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success.”   I‘m really trying to work on my patience. I know my Spanish will come eventually because I am working really hard and I have no choice. It's really a big blessing I have a Latin comp. because I have no choice but to learn, so I am grateful for that.... most the time. Sometimes I would like to screw my eyeballs out and I wonder what the heck I am doing in this blasted place ‘cuz all I really want to do is have a normal conversation with someone. But miracles are happening every day! I can't quite have a normal conversation with someone yet, but I understand most of what people are saying and I can communicate. This is amazing. So progression will continue!

As you can see from the picture of our lovely apartment; we are moved in.  The lights were left here by the Elders.     Elders are grossy-- you have no idea. But,  yeah,  it looks a lot better now. 
I learned to sing ‘Book of Mormon Stories’ in Spanish.  It is a great song! I sing in English all the time too and it drives Hna Cerrato nuts!  But I am trying to teach her English, so we speak every night from 9:30 to 10:30. Which doesn’t really work cuz she knows none-- but I talk a lot.  This is a precious hour for me--or we just sit in silence and write in our journals which is also bien.

Oh, and another thing. I figured out how to describe the buses here. Picture the crazy bus on Harry Potter, but packed full like a concentration camp cart. This is not an exaggeration. I am going to die. I just know it. Also, I forgot to tell you, my favorite member is the family who feeds us every day. They are so kind and encourage me like nobody’s business and help me when I don’t understand; and laugh at me and with me. It’s rough, but great.

I love getting letters from family and friends.  I really want to reply and go in depth with everyone, but I can’t; so I’m really sorry! So. . . I feel bad; but please keep writing me and I will try to answer everyone in this big letter as much as I can! I get more time to read actual mail than email, cuz’ things on P-day are pretty rushed.  I appreciate your support more than I can say. . and your prayers!!!

After this we are going to buy groceries.  Ok I have to go! But I love you a lot and I really do feel your prayers whenever I feel down! Don’t worry about me too much cuz I know I have God with me; and I am surrounded by great people!  Life is good. Spanish is a coming along and I love life and I know this is going to go by so fast. . .as soon as I get through these first few weeks. Pray for me peeps. The devil is a nast.

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