Monday, June 30, 2014

God Blesssss America!

My District is giant and amazing!  

I learned how to make tortillas this week!

Happy fourth of July, nortes! Haha But for real I hope you have a lovely week in the blessed land of America.  This week was good and I got many compliments on how much better my Spanish is. I can understand almost everything people say and yesterday in church i kept up with thespeakers. It was soo cool! Little by little I will learn. I was sick the past 3 days with a bad case of the runs, a stomach ache and headache. But  I feel a lot better now! The work must go forward! I just walked around and wanted to cry but esta bien.

So, now to answer the questions of the week:
Miracle of the week? So, I'm learning about how everything happens for a reason. This week was kinda slow but still. good. No lie, almost all of our appointments fell through this week and I was so bummed and grouchy So this leads to knocking doors and knocking more doors. Well, we found this family who lives in the middle of nowhere to teach! They are so cute! 4 boys and one little girl. They literally live in a tin shack with sheets for walls. IF our appointments wouldn't have fallen through, we wouldn't have ever found them! I hope that we can help them!
Another miracle is that also I felt your prayers a lot this week. You know how I told you Sundays are the hardest days for me for some reason? Yesterday I didn't want to kill myself! And my Spanish is so much better!

Scriptural passage or spiritual thought that helped you through the week? One thing I learned this week that I really liked is if we are Christian, why don't we use the symbol of the cross more? Well my fellow humans, let me tell you. Its because we want to focus on the fact that Christ is Stiil alive! I love that! I know it with all of my heart –because I feel Him with me everyday! That's just one of many wonderful things I learned!

What is the coolest bug or animal you saw this week?Hm.... well there are dogs EVErYWHERE! I never thought I would hate dogs, but I do. Really those are the only animals I see here. There is a really loud bird that wakes me up every morning....I hate that thing. 

New saying that you learned from one of the kids?"A la gran chucha!" I die laughing everytime....
Funniest thing that happened to you this week? So one day me and Hermana Cerrato were walking along and these people started to wave to the people behind us. Being myself, I got real excited "Hollllaaaaaaa" And I was waving and smiling..... yeah.... it was really awkward. When I realized they weren't waving at us. Also, one of our investigators asked me to say the opening prayer in English.... my English is as bad as my Spanish people! Where doibelong.? I have no idea. But I was in the middle of the prayer and hna. Cerrato goes, “amen.” She hought I had said amen. Oh my it was so funny.

I don't have much to say cuz' this week was freakin 'fast and also i wrote you a novel last week so I don't wanna repeat. And I like reading more than writing. But I love you. I pray for you. I brag about you and everone thinks my family is TAN BONITA. Thank you for everything and see you soon!

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