Monday, January 26, 2015


Happy almost February! How is everyone doing in the frozen tundra back home!? The weather here has been kinda weird, like one day I was sweating every ounce of water I had in my body, and the next day I had on my rain boots and a sweater. A.K.A.-- we never know what we should wear.
            To answer your question about the shoes in the package. . . .I was so excited for interviews on Wednesday because I thought for sure I would get them,  but they didn't arrive. But I would  assume that it is kinda large so... it may take more time.
            How are your investigators progressing? Good! Well,  mas o menos... We are kinda struggling to have investigators PROGRESS.  We have lots of nuevos (new ones) and antiguos (old ones) but no one who is really moving towards baptism which is kinda a bummer. But we had a fast to find some, so I know the Lord will bless us.
            Latest and greatest ward function?  Well, on Saturday we had the baptism of FABRIZIO! Oh my.  it was so special!  It was definitely the biggest miracle and tender mercy of the week.  The whole town came. I can' t even describe the joy that was on that boy's face when he entered the water. He has been waiting two years to be baptized, and he finally did it! I have never had such a special baptism. He gave his testimony at the end and I think that the whole branch was crying.
            Also, we went to one of our investigator's birthday parties. I have NEVER eaten so much in my whole life. I think I ate a whole entire leg of a pig. Holy hanna. I'm still recovering. 
            Interesting cultural/country fact?  Well, fun fact. The Quechi people here, well as far as I know, the women anyway, don't wear underwear. So we are out in the boonies this week when I just see a lady take a squat in the middle of the road and lift her corte skirt and just go.... in the middle of the road. So Mom, maybe you should become Quechi and then all your problems will be solved cuz you can just go wherever!!!
Also I will never be grossed out to use a portapotty again because the bathrooms here are like the old fashioned wooden outhouses. But for reals.
            Also, this week we had interviews with President and Hna. Curtiss and the AP's  so... that was fun to see them and E. Griffiths.  I just mentioned to Hna. Curtiss about my hair loss in interviews and she was VERY concerned--I had to laugh a bit. I was in there extra time because she was trying to track down a cure. She told me she is going to get me something to put in my hair because she doesn't want me to come home bald. WOOT WOOT!  I felt a little bad because she has so many other things to worry about bigger than my hair loss, but that was nice.  But interviews etc. were great, and they really motivated me and I just love those people.  I also had divisions with the STLs. I was in Santa Elena for the day with Hermana Ball. She goes home next week and she is super great and always happy.
            It was a pretty normal week here in Poptun. Changes next week! So we will see what God has in store for me. Love you all!

Hna Sorensen

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Halfway

Happpy Monday everybodyyyyyy! 
Burning a skirt to mark our halfway finished day.

I've wanted this Hermanas hair!

We had such a great ward talent night.  My companion and I did a skit, and she was my 'husband'! It was hilarious!
 Funniest thing ever.

Pretty Guatemala -- this is a member's 'yard'.
How re you all doing in the land of America!  This week went by soooo fast, but it was super lovely!
      Biggest. Miracle. Ever.
We have this aaaaancient (been investigating forever) investigator. His name is Fabricio and he is 16. He has been going to church for 2 years, Attends all of the  activities, goes to early morning seminary, visits with the missionaries, and is memorizing the first vision right now for his mission. Needless to say he is an investigator of GOLD. Well, his mother is and Evangelist and does not want to give him permission to be baptized. I feel so bad for the kid. He just cries and has such a desire to do what is right and come unto Christ. It makes me mad at myself for how much I take it for granted. Well lot's of other missionaries have passed through and tried to talk to his mom but she won't budge because she thinks it's to fast. We have been praying and fasting so much, and yesterday we went and brought a member with us. We prayed before for the words to be put in our mouths, and she said YESSSSS!!!! It was so special! We all just cried. The look on Fabricio's face when she asked for the papers to sign was like a million pounds had just been taken off his shoulders. 100% Miracle right there! I'm so excited! He doesn't want to wait two seconds! We are going to have his baptisme on Friday
     Also this week we went to visit a referral from one of the Hermanas in the ward. She is the sister of one of the members. She is super nice and knows a lot about the church from her family. We shared the parable in The Book of Mormon, Alma 32, about the seed being planted in your heart and if it is good it will grow and bear fruit. I have always liked this scripture, but I have never realized how it can be applied in all stages of where we are in the gospel. No matter how little or how much we know, we can always grow and know more. I started to think about when we went to the Redwoods and saw those GIANT trees, and the phrase 'spiritual giant' started to make a lot of sense to me. I love how in this gospel there is always so much room to grow and grow, there isn't an end to it. But on the other end of thing we can start to shrivel a little bit. If we aren't watering and nourishing ourselves we are going to fall into personal apostasy and eventually die. I love the phrase by Pres. Monson, 'Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith.'  If we have the good seed in our heart, hold onto it tight and keep nourishing it. Trust in God and become a giant Redwood Tree. 
        Yesterday we visited a less active who has been struggling a lot. She is going through a divorce and has some pretty bad emotional sickness. We shared the scripture in Alma 7: 11-13... I think.... But it's about the atonement and how Christ has felt exactly what we feel and knows exactly what we are going through. We asked her what she thought and she shared how grateful she is for the Love that Christ has for us. She explained how she has a testimony that Love is pain. When we really love someone we feel sad or pain when they are sad, we feel pain when they hurt us... and we feel this way because of the great love that we have for them. This scripture talks about how Christ suffered 'afflictions of everykind.' Can you imagine the love he has for us! It's a love we cannot even comprehend! The pain he suffered for us is the perfect example of love for us and also for our Father in Heaven. Sometimes this gospel is hard or painful to do, but we need to follow the example of our Savior and do it because of our Love of our Heavenly Father.
       To answer if I am taking care of myself. . . . Yesssssssssss mother. I'm just Healthy and fatty like Wilber from Charlotte's Web. The only reason I mentioned that the food runs out by Monday, is I need to be a better planner!  I know this is the work of the Lord and I love being a missionary. It is the funniest and most spiritual work in the world!
 Looove you allll!
Herma sorensen

Monday, January 5, 2015

Feliz Año Nuevoooooo!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT!

Raise your hand if your mind is blown that 2014 is over? Cuz’ basically I feel like it didn't even happen. But here we are and I am so excited to see what God has in store for me!

Coolest. Story. Ever.  So last Thursday my companion and I left our last visit of the day a little bit late and we were SOOO tired. We get almost back to our house when I realized that I had lost my agenda. Ok, that thing is like the Bible, people.  It has all the numbers, visits, notes, dates, EVERYTHING in it!

We have no choice, we have to retrace our steps to find it. I felt so bad, but my companion is so sweet and wasn't even annoyed with ditsy Hna Sorensen. She understands me. Well, we get all the way back to the house, look inside. Nothing.  gahhhh. I was bugged. So we said a prayer and went back along our way, trusting the Lord will help us find it. Well, we get back to the same spot and still didn't find it. BOooo. So we don't know what we are going to do so decide to just go home. Almost get to our house and this big scary 25 year old man starts to walk towards us. We live by a lot of bars, so usually when this happens in the night, we are scared. So I get all defensive and then he asks us if we had lost a booklet cuz’ he found one. He has my planner!!! It was so cool. Such a miracle. Here are a few things we can learn from this.
1. God has his own timing. Don't let your faith run out. He will provide.
2. Don't judge a book by its cover.
3. Power of prayer. If it's important to you, it's important to God.

Working with the menos-activos is going alright. We are having some family home evenings with them this week and trying to get other members to visit and love them.

Our district meeting was really cool this week because we had a really powerful lesson about the power of fasting. We did one last week and I'm already starting to see the miracles that can come when we truly fast with a  broken heart, pleading with the Lord for help. Fasting=STRENGTH for the soul!

Have I ever told you the oranges are green here? BUttttt they are still called oranges? Why is that?... Also the mosquitos are returning. BOO. We ran every day this week. We have been eating with all the other misisonaries in a member’s house. It's just classic Guatemalan food: tortillas, beans, spaghetti, cream, LOTS OF CHICKEN, uhhhhhh, caldo, rice... etc...

I’ve been thinking of chopping off all my hair short, since it is so dry and ‘weird’ here. Haven’t done it yet. So I've been trying to wash it with shampoo with chili in it. According to all the Latinos that works for dry hair.... it seems to be... I don't know . . . healthy, I still can't decide. Everyone here says NO YOU CANT CUT IT: They have never seen a blondie with curly hair before... the struggle is real. I’ll keep you posted.

10.  Favorite scripture of the week:  So the first part of 4 Nephi is probably one of my favorite parts of the Book of Mormon,  I decided. The last half is very sad. But the first is just so beautiful! Because everyone is so righteous and obedient and there is no contention in the land. Can you imagine living like that for hundreds of years!? It gives me chills to think about. 

Well I hope you all have a happy little week and enjoy keeping your new year’s goals! Remember the love that God has for you!


Heremana Lex