Monday, September 29, 2014


Buenas Tardesssss Mis amigos!

Happy almost October! I hope you are all living the fall life in pretty Utah and eating some delightful pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies like my pretty sisters sent me, cuz' puchika were they GOOOOOD!

This week went SO incredibly fast. The time in the mission really is starting to whip on by. Hna. Munoz and I worked hard and really enjoyed our last week in Los Campos.

Well, I thought it was my last week; I have served here my whole entire mission. I basically spent my week kind of saying good bye to everyone until Saturday arrived and . . . . . .TADA! The people of Los Campos are still in need of some 'Hna Sorensen' Love. They just haven't had enough, pobrecitos.... But my new companion's name is Hna. Velarde. She was the trainer of Hna. Munoz, so that is funny. She has 14 months and perfect skin. I am looking forward to working hard with her for the next 4 weeks (cuz' this change is only one month. Why? Nobody knows.)

La mision Guatemala Coban es el mejor en el MUNDOOO. (The Guatemala, Coban mission is the best in the world!) I just can't even get started. What is there not to love about this insane BEAUTIFUL country? I think one of my favorite parts about it though is the culture. I am in a place where they are still wearing their corte and traditional clothing everyday. The ancient language of Queqchi is still going strong, and I am not only getting lots of Spanish experience, but everything else as well.  It is amazing for me to see all I have to be grateful for. The rich here in Guatemala are like the poor at home. I'm learning so much!

I'm also so thankful for the spiritual experiences that I have had. We had a lesson yesterday with Heidy and her 3 sons. They all came to the baptism of the elders in our ward on Saturday. I asked her what she thought, and she just started crying and said that she knew without a doubt that this gospel is true when they baptized them. Ah, I almost cried too! She also told us about how one of her sons, never believed in God or Christ and hated church until the day that we knocked on their door and invited him to all the activities. After the first activity, he just told her he knew there was something different about us. I never would have guessed this because he really is always so willing to go to stuff with us. From the very beginning I have witnessed and I know that God really is preparing the hearts of people for us!

 Do you work on developing your language skills in other ways besides just surviving each day? Why yes , thank you for asking, I am a champ Spanish activity-maker and frequently have Hna Munoz do activites in the street with me. Sentences, songs, body parts, animals. All are part of my daily routine... well almost daily. (I am lazy sometimes.) This week I focused on body parts and drew a picture of a human and labeled all the parts, then carried it around with me. Yes I do use that little book that we purchased and it is almost full . . . haha soo... I'll have to buy another. But the other day Hna .Munoz was reading through it and found a very inappropriate word that I had heard and never found the meaning in a dictionary... whoops!

Another spiritual moment this week was the Women't Conference! (So I hope you all went!) I loved how they talked about temples. I am so jealous of all of you that you can go. So GO! Because so many of the people here don't have that privilege. I love how they talked about how each of us are temples and that we need to be keeping ourselves clean and bright. Another thing I was thinking about is how I don't want to just know who Christ is I want to KNOW Him – like as my friend--with all of my heart. Me and Hna Munoz were talking about how literally everything we do is going to put us that much closer , or that much farther from our Savior. G Ah! It's hard! But SO essential to keep trying ALL THE TIME!

Well I will see you all next week and tell you about my new experiences here.... in Los campos... But with a new COMPANION! WAHOO!

Everyone enjoy conference! How lucky are we to hear from our beloved prophet this week? I love that guy!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Good afternoon!  I am sorry that this keyboard does not work; so this letter will be short!

Hna. Munoz and I had a jolly good week here in Los Campos.  We contacted basically the whole week, which isn't the greatest activity in the world, but I tried to remember the talk by Elder Uchtdorf about being grateful in whatever circumstance.  It rained a lot this week, but I got an umbrella and also I believe that walking more makes you skinnier!  HURRAAHHH!  Plus,  it was a good opportunity for Hna. Munoz and I to love each other more.

Transfers are on Saturday, and I am excited for a change.  I think that besides the fact that I have learned more patience with my companion, (and I’m sure she had to learn it to live with me too) the fact of knowing that our transfer is coming so soon was a huge help in making it a better week.  Also, I learned while serving with Hermana Munoz the blessings of obedience. I think we haven’t had success this change because of some disobedience.  And success comes from hard work too.  But ironically, I am also sad to leave her!    I have become a better person with my companion and I know that we have something to learn from everyone.

So, yes the work here has been a little SLOWWW. But we do have 2 awesome families right now/ One of them absolutely adores me! Haha! But they are way funny and they help me with my Spanish.  On the other hand,  the other family,  the mom and dad always look at Hna. Munoz to translate when I am done speaking which is kinda a blow to my pride.  But yesterday I said a prayer that they would undertand me. Boom!   Didn't translate once.  God is just teaching me to pray for every little thing. It says in the scriptures to do that.  So why is it so hard to just do it!? 

This week we visited a member who is SOOO sick!  So I have been studying about adversidad. (adversity) I was reading in 1 Nephi chapter16 about when nefi  broke his bow.  I always love the comparison of Nefi to Laman and Lemuel. Really, we are blesed depending on how we handle our trials and our afflictions. Also, today we watched the movie, Emma Smith as a district. I hate myself for EVER complaining!

You ask if I want you to send me pepper-spray to keep the drunks from grabbin’ me?  Haha!  No,  just your prayers.  This is the street where ‘the grabbing’ occurred!  But it was at night.  Also, You asked if I am sleeping better and yes I am!  I was just dumb before and didnt put on my other sheets.  Since I’ve been doing that and wearing my sweatshirt, I am Golden.

OK,  well I amsick oftyping with thischafa keyboard i had morebut Lo siento Iam lazy.
Sigan adelante and I love you all Lots!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Feliz Dia de Independencia!

Actividad con las Hermanas!  
Hola Familia! 

 Feliz Dia de Independencia!  ( Mom's note. . . this is the Mexican flag. . . so are they celebrating Mexico's independence. . .or Guatemalan Independence day? I do not know! )

Here are the answers to the questions of the week that mom always says I do not need to answer, but I like to, so here we go: 

What are the biggest changes you see in your life because of you mission?

EVERYTHING. Hahaha!   Whenever I think about going home, I just get a little wierded-out because I am so aware of so many things that I never realized before. I can really see the blessings of God when we are EXACTLY obedient. I've never seen God so much in my life.   I also am realizing sometimes stuff that I would probably usually want to do when I get home, but I can't be a stinkin’ hypocrite!  Overall, right now I think the biggest thing that is changing my life forever is my scripture study. I never want to lose this! Before I just read the scriptures, but now I'm really hungering for them and reading for specific subjects and wanting to find the things that God wants me to learn. I hope I never lose that, cuz’ It's fun!

Have you found new investigators?  Tell us about who you are currently teaching.

We found this family out contacting the other day. The mom has 4 sons and a little girl. THEY ARE PILAS! I love them! They are so fun and always have A TON of questions. One of them learned English watching TV, so he always tries to practice with me. But I adore teaching them because they really have a desire to find the truth.

What is your favorite thing about Los Campos the city, the ward, and the apartment. . . and your least favorite thing about those items.

Los campos... well the roads are AWFULLLLL: like dirt and pot-hole city. . .so our feet are always wet... that is No Bueno.  Also, there are lots of bolos (drunks).   We had a bolo follow us this week and he creeped on me and touched me.  It scared the bejeebies out of me. I pushed him and yelled,  'VA POR SU CASA' (Go Home!)  in my gringa Spanish. But really, after that happened I was way freaked! I thought he was going to  attack me! So... yeah drunks... no fun.

My favorite things would be that it's so earthy and green and beautiful here; but it is still really close to Coban, so we don't want for much.. and it is close to the mission office.  Our apartment is pilas! I have no complaints there! A little tiny, but I think we have one of the nicest in the mission!

How are you doing?  Well, emotionally, sometimes I feel like I am a big ball of stress as I learn to be patient with my companion and our very different ways of serving our mission!  Patience is a great thing that I work on daily, and I am learning to depend on God and He helps me so much. I am really learning a lot about myself and being humbled. I love the mission and know that I am here to be perfected. The mission is stressful, but how lucky am I to learn to depender más on my Father in Heaven? I have been thinking about how the atonement is more than just suffering for our sins, but for me personally--Christ suffered and knows exactly how I am feeling, so He knows EXACTLY how to help me.

Also I'm learning that I'm a good person!  I really do want to be a good missionary. I just need to focus on that and remember that God knows my heart. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true! I love the people here. I love my mission. And I love my God with all my heart! Tomorrow I officially have 5 months here! The time to give it all to my Father in Heaven really is going fast!

Hermana Sorensen
 I met Hermana y Elder Bake! They are so nice and apparently read my blog before coming here last week!

Hna. Amelias Baptism!

Hermana Cerrato and I

So one of the Elders here about died when he saw my niece's eyes and asked if he could draw her. Holy hanna he has talent, yeah!?

I love helados!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Helping Each Other Home

Hola Familia!

So this week we had interviews with Presidente and Hermana Curtiss.   Hellena, I love those folks!  They really helped me to get a perspective on things and realize that this is my time to learn ALL I can about the evangelio.  (gospel)  Presidente challenged me to read EVERYTHING, even in personal study, in Spanish. It has been interesting, I don't fit in as many things in my little hour, but I can see my Spanish improving.

This week I read an AMAZING article called ' The Gift of the Holy Ghost Glorifying Christ.'  It is SO good. Everyone go read it. The part that I liked the most is it talks about how sometimes we so foolishly wish for times in our lives to be over with, ignoring the possibilities and opportunities to grow and learn. God has a plan for all of us. We are here to be perfected and become LIKE HIM; what a great blessing! We can't become even close to how perfect he is without the rough times. How lucky are we to have trials so we can be one step closer to our goal!?

Another thing that I've been noticing as I read the scriptures is if we really want something, we need to pray with 'ALL THE ENERGY OF OUR SOUL' for it.   It says that so many times in the scriptures-- to TRULY ask, with ALL your heart.  I've been thinking about how I don't quite know how to do that.  Like how do you really know if you are praying with all your heart, might, mind and strength?  But, it's something I want to learn, so I've really been focusing on my prayers. Prayers are so powerful and I can really see the difference when I pour out my heart with REAL INTENTION to my Father in Heaven.

A tender mercy from our Heavenly Father that I have seen this week has been with one of our investigators.  She is making a lot of changes in her life and learning about the miracle of FORGIVENESS and REPENTENCE. It has been so special to see her grow and rely more on the amazing atonement of our Savior, not only changing and becoming clean through Him, but also knowing that He understands her--how she feels and thinks, and what she needs to do to be closer to Him.

The thing I am most grateful for this week is . . oh my, I am so grateful for prayer this week! And I’m so grateful for my scriptures. I am really starting to get that HUNGER. My study time is never enough!  I just want to study and learn and eat everything up. Studying and prayer go together. I have never prayed so much in my life. I have also never felt so close to my Father in Heaven.

I am serving with some great missionaries.   The most amazing missionaries to me are the ones who are super humble.   Like I said, we had our interviews with President and also the assistants.   One of the assistants, Elder Suiter, is this huge football player man. HE is SO humble.   Even just watching him kneel down to pray, you can see and feel it.  He literally bows himself before the Lord.  Everything he says, he just waits and sits awhile until something comes to him. Everything he does is dependent on God. I want to be more like that.

But I did find something I miss about America. CARPET!   No one has carpet here--just dirt,  tile and/or wood floors, folks.
Today we went pacayando and I got some chilero skirts and a dress. Sonbrilla next!

Also, we only spoke in Spanish this week! I think Hna. Munoz reading dad’s letter made her realize that this is important for me to do! I’ve still got a long way to go to speak fluently, but everyday I’m closer to my goal!

I love you all and pray for you every night! The truth is that I really am starting to fall in love with this place; but my heart is just torn between missing my family a lot and serving my Lord. I am grateful for this opportunity to help my other brothers and sisters here in Guatemala back home to our Father in Heaven. 

Hermana Sorensen.

A bug bite. . .I'm still alive.  

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mosquitos love Gringos

Happy September lovely humans!

How weird is it that it is September? Let me tell you, it is very weird because this means that I almost have 5 months. This frightens me due to the fact I still continue to talk like a cave-woman and still have not shopped in a Paca...(this a a thrift store like Logan's “Somebody's Attic”) . . .good thing I have more time, yeah?

This week was jolly good. It rained ooooodles. This is quite annoying, if you must know because here the weather is crazy. If it is going to rain, it makes REAAALLLLYYYY hot at first and then, BAM! -- rain like I have never seen in my whole entire life. How do you dres sfor something like that I ask you? Tell me when you know cuz I just want to keep the same shoes on for a day.

So this week I was having a little jealousy because the Elders in our ward are teaching a family right now. So I said a little prayer on Sunday to help to guide us to a family who needs the gospel. After basically all of our lessons had fallen through, and we had contacted the whole stinkin' continent, I told Hna. Munoz that we should try one more street before going to a menos activo house. BOOM SHAKALAKA! Found a family! And they are so nice and accepted to be baptized, and we talked to them for like and hour! AHHH! I was so happy! Who knows, cuz occassionally the first lesson is bomb (great!) and then after its not so good; but I just have hope in my bones. I know that God will guide us with his hand when we pray SPECIFICALLY.

How has the Book of Mormon blessed your life or someone you have taught this week?This week on Saturday we were supposed to have 2 baptisms, the sister of Brenda and her mom. Saturday.. they were both SO prepared! Well surprise! The mom, Amelia, who I adore like my own mother, didn't pass her baptism interview. Well then.... Apparently she had some feelings of wanting to kill her previous husband and herself... It's a tragic tale that one day I will maybe, or maybe not, share with you. But she had an interview with Presidente, and after we talked and read about repentance and the story of Alma from the Book of Mormon we learned how much that really our Heavenly Father loves us and It's so amazing that we can repent and that our Savior suffered for us, so we can live with them again. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon. God's words are always more powerful than ours. The scriptures really helped with her decision to change her life and she is going to be baptized this week, don't fret!
What is your favorite thing from Preach My Gospel this week? I always love studying the Attributes of Christ. I'm working on Charity and Love right now... which will take me my whole life to learn...

How is Sister Munoz and how do you learn from her? What qualities are you developing though your relationship with her that will help you in your future life? I am learning a lot about patience and humility....

What is the grooviest outfit you wear and what is the trickiest method you employ to eat less. . Since you mentioned you feel that you are gaining weight. Pues.... All of my outfits are real interesting..Hna .Munoz says I dress like a nun.. but I think my favorite is my broken umbrella worn with dad's raincoat, and my lovely dress that now when I wear it looks like I have a prego belly, finished off with my boots. It's a real winner. My food trick and great habit is that I basically just try to only have one tortilla at meals instead of 20 cuz those things are like a slice of heaven.

I'm always learning a lot and I really love this work and my Heavenly Father! He is ALWAYS with us. This week I really realized how happy I am for the reality of eternal families. I know that this is a true gospel principle and I think you guys are cool and how great that we will be together FOREVERRR. (spoken like the Sandlot foreverrrrr)!

Watch out for mosquitos cuz' they like gringo blood.

Hna Sorenss (This is waht Hna. Amelia calls me.)