Monday, September 22, 2014

Good afternoon!  I am sorry that this keyboard does not work; so this letter will be short!

Hna. Munoz and I had a jolly good week here in Los Campos.  We contacted basically the whole week, which isn't the greatest activity in the world, but I tried to remember the talk by Elder Uchtdorf about being grateful in whatever circumstance.  It rained a lot this week, but I got an umbrella and also I believe that walking more makes you skinnier!  HURRAAHHH!  Plus,  it was a good opportunity for Hna. Munoz and I to love each other more.

Transfers are on Saturday, and I am excited for a change.  I think that besides the fact that I have learned more patience with my companion, (and I’m sure she had to learn it to live with me too) the fact of knowing that our transfer is coming so soon was a huge help in making it a better week.  Also, I learned while serving with Hermana Munoz the blessings of obedience. I think we haven’t had success this change because of some disobedience.  And success comes from hard work too.  But ironically, I am also sad to leave her!    I have become a better person with my companion and I know that we have something to learn from everyone.

So, yes the work here has been a little SLOWWW. But we do have 2 awesome families right now/ One of them absolutely adores me! Haha! But they are way funny and they help me with my Spanish.  On the other hand,  the other family,  the mom and dad always look at Hna. Munoz to translate when I am done speaking which is kinda a blow to my pride.  But yesterday I said a prayer that they would undertand me. Boom!   Didn't translate once.  God is just teaching me to pray for every little thing. It says in the scriptures to do that.  So why is it so hard to just do it!? 

This week we visited a member who is SOOO sick!  So I have been studying about adversidad. (adversity) I was reading in 1 Nephi chapter16 about when nefi  broke his bow.  I always love the comparison of Nefi to Laman and Lemuel. Really, we are blesed depending on how we handle our trials and our afflictions. Also, today we watched the movie, Emma Smith as a district. I hate myself for EVER complaining!

You ask if I want you to send me pepper-spray to keep the drunks from grabbin’ me?  Haha!  No,  just your prayers.  This is the street where ‘the grabbing’ occurred!  But it was at night.  Also, You asked if I am sleeping better and yes I am!  I was just dumb before and didnt put on my other sheets.  Since I’ve been doing that and wearing my sweatshirt, I am Golden.

OK,  well I amsick oftyping with thischafa keyboard i had morebut Lo siento Iam lazy.
Sigan adelante and I love you all Lots!

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