Monday, September 29, 2014


Buenas Tardesssss Mis amigos!

Happy almost October! I hope you are all living the fall life in pretty Utah and eating some delightful pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies like my pretty sisters sent me, cuz' puchika were they GOOOOOD!

This week went SO incredibly fast. The time in the mission really is starting to whip on by. Hna. Munoz and I worked hard and really enjoyed our last week in Los Campos.

Well, I thought it was my last week; I have served here my whole entire mission. I basically spent my week kind of saying good bye to everyone until Saturday arrived and . . . . . .TADA! The people of Los Campos are still in need of some 'Hna Sorensen' Love. They just haven't had enough, pobrecitos.... But my new companion's name is Hna. Velarde. She was the trainer of Hna. Munoz, so that is funny. She has 14 months and perfect skin. I am looking forward to working hard with her for the next 4 weeks (cuz' this change is only one month. Why? Nobody knows.)

La mision Guatemala Coban es el mejor en el MUNDOOO. (The Guatemala, Coban mission is the best in the world!) I just can't even get started. What is there not to love about this insane BEAUTIFUL country? I think one of my favorite parts about it though is the culture. I am in a place where they are still wearing their corte and traditional clothing everyday. The ancient language of Queqchi is still going strong, and I am not only getting lots of Spanish experience, but everything else as well.  It is amazing for me to see all I have to be grateful for. The rich here in Guatemala are like the poor at home. I'm learning so much!

I'm also so thankful for the spiritual experiences that I have had. We had a lesson yesterday with Heidy and her 3 sons. They all came to the baptism of the elders in our ward on Saturday. I asked her what she thought, and she just started crying and said that she knew without a doubt that this gospel is true when they baptized them. Ah, I almost cried too! She also told us about how one of her sons, never believed in God or Christ and hated church until the day that we knocked on their door and invited him to all the activities. After the first activity, he just told her he knew there was something different about us. I never would have guessed this because he really is always so willing to go to stuff with us. From the very beginning I have witnessed and I know that God really is preparing the hearts of people for us!

 Do you work on developing your language skills in other ways besides just surviving each day? Why yes , thank you for asking, I am a champ Spanish activity-maker and frequently have Hna Munoz do activites in the street with me. Sentences, songs, body parts, animals. All are part of my daily routine... well almost daily. (I am lazy sometimes.) This week I focused on body parts and drew a picture of a human and labeled all the parts, then carried it around with me. Yes I do use that little book that we purchased and it is almost full . . . haha soo... I'll have to buy another. But the other day Hna .Munoz was reading through it and found a very inappropriate word that I had heard and never found the meaning in a dictionary... whoops!

Another spiritual moment this week was the Women't Conference! (So I hope you all went!) I loved how they talked about temples. I am so jealous of all of you that you can go. So GO! Because so many of the people here don't have that privilege. I love how they talked about how each of us are temples and that we need to be keeping ourselves clean and bright. Another thing I was thinking about is how I don't want to just know who Christ is I want to KNOW Him – like as my friend--with all of my heart. Me and Hna Munoz were talking about how literally everything we do is going to put us that much closer , or that much farther from our Savior. G Ah! It's hard! But SO essential to keep trying ALL THE TIME!

Well I will see you all next week and tell you about my new experiences here.... in Los campos... But with a new COMPANION! WAHOO!

Everyone enjoy conference! How lucky are we to hear from our beloved prophet this week? I love that guy!

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