Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference is the BOMB.COM!

Dear family, friends, animals, insects and all other beautiful living things in my blessed home town of Logannnnn,

Holy hanna! How energized and motivated are all of you lovely people to live this stinkin’ life after conference!?? Cuz I will tell you what, I am about ready to just dominate this life here on Earth. I have such an appreciation here for conference. Everyday Hna. Velarde and I woke up saying our countdown, “Tres dias mas hasta conferencia!!!”   (Three more days until Conference!)  We were a little excited, and for good reason!  People we are listening to a LIVING prophet and apostles!!  Why have I never realized the significance of this. But yeah... it was a jolly good conference and week, and I hope you are all making goals and changes in your life to be closer to our Savior after  listening to it.

Basically all of us ‘gringo’ missionaries watched it in the stake center in English, so I was just with all the other missionaries in a little room. It was really special when they prayed or talked about the missionaries....

I ADORED the talk by the Chinese guy, haha,  of course because it was about missionary work! It was so valid. We really do need everyone to help work together and bring souls unto Christ. Here in the mission I’m learning how vital the members are. I‘ve always thought that missionary work is just for the missionaries. I can’t imagine how this work would take off if everyone put in their part and we all worked together to accomplish this great work!

Also the talk by the German guy... hahah, sorry,  I don’t remember names. But he talked fast and about 7 things we should be doing. It made me realize that I need to start taking better care of myself physically here as well... no voy a regressar gorda voy a empezar a cuidarme! (I’m not going to return fat, I’m going to start to take care of myself.) (That will be a tough one, right?!)

Alright, so my companion is Hna. Velarde. She is from Bolivia (but everyone thinks she is from Japan). I was going to tell you guys that she was from China and is learning Spanish as well but... like I said I’m trying to be a better human after conference, and lying is not in-line with those goals.  She has 14 months and is a CHAMPION! People I LOVE this lady! We work so hard together and laugh our stinkin’ brains out!  We don’t waste one minute! I just like her. She kinda reminds me of T...(my best little Asian buddy at home) and not just cuz’ she looks Asian haha hahahahaha!

This week, it rained buckets. Usually this would be a time to go for our boots, but we really wanted to visit this lady. SO we literally walked through a river.  I can’t describe it exactly to you, but it was, for reals,  a river in the street. But we just did it and laughed and got to our visit, which was actually really special. SO yes.... Hermana Velarde and I  like each other and get along quite well so far. But who knows, in one week she may turn into the hulk, for now I am enjoying my little ‘Japanese’ lady!

The first week of the change is usually a little slow and also we had less lessons scheduled because of General Conference. But if you want to hear a cool story about prayer, this week we put a fecha (date) with Brandon for baptism on the 25th.   WAHOOO! But in order for him to be baptized this day,  he has to attend church three times with his mom, and we only have 3 Sundays until this date. Well his mom had work and couldn’t get it off. We prayed every night that she would be able to find a way and on Sunday morning,  like 30 minutes before conference,  she called us and said she could come! WOOT WOOT! True--prayer works people.

So this week our joy in Los Campos is the Elders had a wedding!  They threw it together in one day. It was SO special! Just like a movie! In one day they called a lady who does weddings for free here, we helped make some streamers and balloons and the bride just wore a white dress she had in her room. The Relief Society President made sandwiches and we picked some flowers from outside of the church. In all, we had about 10 people there. We sang Families Can be Together Forever , and BOOM, they were married. They are getting baptized next week. AH it was so cute!

Also this week I have been studying a lot about desires. I studied the scriptures and the general authority’s talks.   Really SO many things in our church talk about desires and how important our desires are. I know without a doubt that as long as we have a desire to do something, it will eventually happen, God wants to help us. If we truly have Christ written in our hearts, and our desires to serve him are pure, then making decisions and prioritizing things will be a lot easier because we will understand where we stand with Him and what He expects of us. I've been asking myself a lot, “What are my desires truly?!” Obviously,  I always say that I want to follow Christ and be obedient, but if I'm doing worldly things or not really following His commandments, where are my desires?

I love you all and I hope you are all like Pres Monson said-- motivated to be a little bit kinder, work a little bit harder and make a change in the next six months! (Which by the way is just about my year mark... thats SOOOO weird.)

Les ammooooo! ( I LOOOOOOVE you all.)

This little fruit is called Lecha and is DELICIOUS!!!!!!!
Thats all..

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