Monday, October 27, 2014

Peten. . Here I come!

Yes, I love this!  (Of Course, I've been singing Christmas Songs for a couple months now!)
Fam bam and other Cache Valliers!

HOLLLAAAAA. HOPPY HALLOWEEN! I would like you all to enjoy this jolly holiday mucho because on Friday, I will be dressed up as a missionary and celebrating as well.

The big news for this week is I got a transfer!  WOOT WOOT WOOT! ME VOY POR PETEN! Alright so we had changes!  I'm going just about as far from civilization as you can go (besides Polochic, thank goodness.)  I'll be in Pup ten Peten. I am very excited and nervous. My companion is Hna Guerro de Mexico and she has the exact same time as me so that's interesting We are cleaning the area so a lot of contacting is in my future but ohhhh welll. I’m pro after this change, right!   Also, in Peten, it is  WAYYYYY HOT; like imagine el infierno times 3.  Well, that's what I hear. So I am going to sweat my fat away. Haha
Peten is 8 hours away, so I will not be coming to Coban until.. who knows. Today they told me that it is so far away that they usually keep you in Peten when they send you there becaue it's so  far away. So.. we will see.  On transfer days, what we do is we all go to the stake center and change up companions and move in with our new ones.  Apparently whereI am going to live is in one of the nicest and biggest houses in the mission. WAHOO!.  They have a little store there where I can buy stuff. Not as big and nice as the one here, but todavia it’s great.  Peten is just like another state--like Coban is another state. So we still have a district and a zone there that is far away from the office. The office will send me the stuff when it gets there, so it will take more time, but I will still get it.
This man loves the United States and we are always having chats about US history stuff.

I am sad to leave Los Campos and excited for the future!  Like I said, we have been contacting a whole lot this change! One thing that never gets old when we contact, and contact, and contact, is telling people that they have a loving Heavenly Father who cares for them SO much. Ninety percent of the time the people just shake their head and ignore this grand message I am trying to bring to them, but without fail, every time I say it, the spirit testifies to me that it's the truth. God really does care for them and for me. Also, this week we talked about how Abinidi had 0 baptisms, but ended up converting Alma; and look what he did. I’m fine if I’m just an Abinidi.
My 'mama' (first trainer) is heading home!

This week was a little bit of a chafa a week cuz’. . . . . announcement number 2. . . . I got another parasite! WOOT! WOOT! I don't know why this is happening because I never eat in the street, and I wash my hands. But I live in Guatemala andddd these things happen. So, I actually spent the whole night on Wednesday puking and the whole day Thursday sleeping. But, I got my drugs and besides being a tad tired, I am golden!  But then, the next day,  Hna Velarde was the same and had 2 parasites so.... we didn't have the opportunity to work a whole lot this week.  One tender mercy that I experienced this week from my Heavenly Father was that I had the opportunity to ask the Elders for a blessing. WE ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE PRIESTHOOD! It was just so simple and they just blessed me that I would be well enough to work--probably 30 second blessing. But I just know that God knew that's all I needed to hear!

Well, I Love you all a lot and thank you so much for your prayers.  I’ve set a goal to do a ’40 day fast’ of not talking about ‘TIME’.  Not gonna think about the amount of time that I have already spent here--or how much I have left.  J 

 I will be writing you next week from Peten,  if I don't melt into a puddle!
LOVE YOU!  Hermana Sorensen J

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