Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pop pop pop tun!

Bueno bueno buenoooo,

Well let me just begin by describing my LOVE for this little city! I adore it here! The people are so nice and accepting-- well not necessarily of the gospel always-- but they always let us in and chat with us for a bit. Our area is called Poptun 3. We have another group of sister missionaries and 2 elders in our rama (branch). They completely cleaned the whole entire area which means the whole ward has new missionaries. So basically none of us know ANYTHING. It has definitely been an interesting week getting lost and trying to figure out where everyone lives. But we are getting there.

I can't describe how important the members are in the missionary work. Without them we would be dead. The members are really nice and helpful here. Poptun reminds me of like little Bear Lake or a little water tower town from a country song. Everyone is just jolly like they are all on vacation.
CCM amigos reunited! Hna. Hansen is in the Rama and Elder ORosco is our District Leader.

This week was kinda longish. We had transfers on Tuesday and drove all night until 11:00 p.m. until we stopped  in San Elana to sleep in the Sister trainer's house. (By sleep I mean we laid on the floor in our skirts with our name plaques still on, and just zonked for about 2 hours until we had to leave again to make it here to Poptun.) Then we unpacked and got started! Cleaning an area= 2 sister missionaries just walking around in circles asking a bajillion people were other people live.
But want to know something? I thought I would be dying of heat here from what the other missionaries told us,  but the weather has actually been pretty nice! Aka how could my life get better? Answer-it. . . couldn't.

Hna. Guerrero is a lovely human. She likes to work hard and she is SUPER sweet with everyone. We get along really well. Yep.
We made fiambre. A typical Guatemalan food for dia de los muertos. Excuse my faces: someone was talking to me.

We took a 20 minute hike to the 3 Cruces.
Well, I absolutely adore it here! I don't have much to say but we are really trying to get things going. A Seventy is coming soon, so apparently they cleaned out the area because it all depends on us 6 missionaries to make the rama (branch) a barrio (ward) for him to visit us or something like that. I donno but we are all definitely feeling the pressure.

I'm way excited to see what God has in store for us here! I know that his plan is perfect in all things!

Lalallalallove you all!

Hna. Sorensen

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