Monday, November 24, 2014

Hohohohoho I'm Christopher Columbus

Bueno, Happy 4th of July!

This week was very good and very fast. My days are starting to blur togthter and I honestly am forgetting everything that is happening. Not a whole lot whole lot happened this week and I am seriously struggling to think what I should tell you lovely people.

Well I will tell you about one person who we are teaching, We have this ancient investigator and her
name is Mishel. She is 17 and has a 1 year old named Mishel. We are really struggling with her because
she is sweet and nice but doesn’t pay a whole lot of attention in the lessons. She wants to be baptized
and we can see that she really does have a testimony that the church is true. Problem = she doesn't pay
a whole lot of attention in the lessons and doesn’t like coming to church. So, basically she is a less active. She is a toughy cuz’ we don’t want to leave her when she has a testimony, but also Salvation isn't cheap. We are going to have a fast about this one.

We have a menos active (less active person) who is so sweet and has A LOT of faith. His name is Daniel. He used to drink a lot before his baptism and sadly has returned to that. We have been searching for him for a long time to try and help him. (Apparently one night he was very drunk and almost killed his mom.) We found him this week in his sister’s house and we have been talking to him and he really wants to change again. He is the perfect example of a “broken heart and a contrite spirit” because he is just SO SAD. That is what sin does to you, it weighs you down. But he has such a desire to change and come back to the fold. We are making plans and trying to help him overcome his addiction again. We have been talking a lot about the atonement. Isn't it amazing that he can feel completely free of this burden?! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!

I LOVE PMG (Preach My Gospel), but this week I am going to share with you what my DL has been
doing with us this week. He has been asking us every night what miracles we have been seeing in our
days. I stinking love it cuz’ at first I was like uh........ I donno. Which is muy malo cuz hellloooo, I'm a
missionary! MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERYDAY! But by the end of the week Hna Guerrero and I would say to each other, “OH! That was good, That is our miracle that we can share with Elder Orosco” So everyone should start to do that. That’s all.

What is the best memory you made with your companion this week? This drunk lady started following
me this week.. . . . that was funny...

You are all winners.Thank you for your love and support! Have a good week and happy Thanksgiving! I can’t describe my gratitude for all of you!

Hna. Sorensen

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