Monday, December 1, 2014


So, first of all I would just like to say I am dying of cold.  Don't worry it's only like 70 degrees here, and I am FREEZING! So when I come home if you could have a blanket ready for me,  that would be dandy. I have no clue what is happening to my body. I'm from Utah for goodness sakes!

This week it rained. LOTS AND LOTS... I love the rain. This equals happy Hna. Sorensen... and a very wet Hna. Sorensen.

So, you asked for an update on our work, specifically on Mishel and if we convinced her that salvation doesn’t come cheap?.  Mishel.... oh Mishel... well,  I just am not quite sure she will be finding her salvation with me and Hna. Guerrero. But we prayed a lot about it and went to her house to teach her one last time to see.  Wanna know what happened?  Her little brother, who is 15, came out and started to listen! And we think he could have potential. So we are leaving Mishel and starting with Epo. God just has a perfect plan and knows why we are in certain places and for what.

Miracles of the week?  So this week we had a ward activity called the Barra de Hierro. On Thursday I was trying to send a text out to a whole bunch of the members to remind them.  Well, I still don't know all the members, so I basically just tried to guess from the names in our phone.  I ended up (cough cough the spirit told me to) sending a message to this family that the Hermanas had taught one year ago. They ended up coming to the activity. Well they also ended up coming to church on Sunday and want to start with the lessons again! I don't know why they weren't baptized before but I also know that that wasn't a accident. I am so excited to get to know them!

Christmas cultural experience and how are the Guatemalan people getting ready? Lots of tacky lights and baby Christmas trees. It is adorable and hilarious. Byt it is so cute, everyone just makes their own little Christmas decorations and people are starting to sing lots of Christmas songs. WOOT WOOT! This week we went to one of our investigators stores (she owns like a 'sugar and spice' store) and helped her decorate a Christmas tree. I am very excited! Oh, and everyone makes tamales... always.

Favorite laughing moment of the week? Oh dear... SO just put this picture in your head. It is Tuesday night and we have correlation. We can't be late so we hurry and finish our lesson. Meanwhile a hurricane decides to blow on into town. If you think I am exaggerating you are wrong; the palm trees were swaying. But we can't be late for correlation. So me and Hna Guerrero just say a little prayer and head on out into the night. Well, the house we were at has a little canal in front with a little pathway, We forgot about this and couldn't see so we go a stumbling into the canal.  KAPOW! Soaking wet. I was dying laughing trying to get Hna. Guerrero to stand up and run and she was just sitting in the canal laughing trying to find her shoe because it fell off. It was really funny. Then we ran to the church and made a puddle during correlation.

Weellll the church is true and life is good.  Peten is pretty and I lived through a hurricane. Everyone share the gospel with a pal this week. We are pretty lucky to have it!

Hna Soresnen

ps, These ghetto computer labs don’t allow me to upload pictures so you will never witness the coolness I am experiencing. LO siento

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  1. Hi, My name is Laura and I also have a missionary in the Coban mission. He is serving in Korral Pek up in the mountains speaking Kekchi. Just wanted to invite you to our Facebook page for Guatemala Missionary families where we share pictures and stuff. Maybe you could get to see some pictures of Sister Sorensens area.