Monday, December 8, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

Murryyyy CHristmas Everybody!

I am so happy that it is officially la Navidad! This is the best time to be preaching the gospel. Right now, more than ever, people are searching for their Savior. I know what we will be seeing a lot of miracles this holiday season. So yesterday we had changes (transfers). I am a jolly little human and am happy to announce we did not have changes. I will be staying here in Poptun with my lovely little Mexican companion to preach the holy word. We were both very happy and did a little dance in our kitchen to some Christmas hymns last night when we found out. So yes... It was a swell week.

Usually we teach about 20 lessons a week.. mas o menos... (more or less). I think that we had 18 this week. We had a few days where Satan was working on the people and our lessons fell through. I am working with some less-active members. Apparently the branch has a whole lot of less actives but we do not know of all of these people because we have failed to get the ward directory. So we are working with about 7 right now. They are all so different and are not assisting (helping us) for so many different reasons. Usually the less actives are a little bit more mean to us than the complete strangers. They know why we are there and what they need to be doing, so I think they feel a little bit uncomfortable when we knock on the door. But we do have lunch with a less active everyday... she fed us chicken feet.....

Tender mercy of the week? Elizabeth Olsen's package to me of peppermint tea and my fam bam's package of candy canes which are now on our ghetto Christmas tree!

We saw lots of miracles this week! I don't remember if I mentioned last week about this family that just showed up to one of our activites. Well, they live clear out in the boonies in the jungle. We went to go find them and we were just about to get lost. I say 'just about' cuz right when I was wondering where we were, this little boy comes walking towards us ' HOllaaa Hermanassss!' And I just thought, “Who is this child and where are his parents?” But it was the son of the family! So he just showed us exactly where they lived! We probably never would have found it with out him! Then our lesson was perfect! We invited them to be baptized and they said they would pray about it but feel like it is something good to do. AHHH more information to come.

Okay, the Christmas package was perfect. I am spoiled. I opened everything at once. I can't explain how grateful I am! It was ADORABLE!  I don't need anything. Just your love and prayers! I will talk to you all on Christmas. Which by the way... no we have no information on  that little phone call.  I know we can only talk for 40 minutes. ...and you guys will probably call me like we did on Mothers Day cuz those little Polo chic elders are clear out in the boonies and that is how it is so the whole mission is equal. So... there is that.

Health-wise, my face is WAY better. I am also way less stressed out. I adore my companion and we get along really well so there is no stress with that. I'm also speaking the language better. I think I m the least stressed out I've ever been in my mission. I'm just enjoying my life singing songs and eating all of the blessed chocolate you sent me. (insert smiley here). You ask me if I'm taking care of myself physically? Yessss... Well.... We are making goals tonight to be healthier this change and run EVERY MORNING: hahahhahha... yeah... we will see how that goes. I should probably drink more water...

Also I would like to give a happy birthday shout out to My most beautiful Grandma in the world Grammy Geri and Also my somewhat decent of a human and brother-in-law revin Devin. Have a jolly day! Also Happy anniversary Mother and Father. Your marriage is a good thing because since you were both married, I was brought into the world. And I am a cool person (please do not include last sentence in blog. People read it and do not understand how hilarious and sarcastic I am. ) LOVVVE YOU ALLLLL!

Hna. Sorensen

(Mom is now deciding to leave that last line in the blog because Lexi is hilarious and sarcastic, and I think people probably know her sense of humor!)

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