Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Well family, although our call was a bit chafa, I was still a very happy lady here in the land of Poptun to talk to all of you! It was the best Christmas gift I could receive!  I hope all of you as well enjoyed your holiday and drank lots of hot chocolate.

After we chatted Hna Guerrero and I went to work and went out to the boonies again with this fun little family. They fed us Ponche and we read a bit from the Book of Mormon with them. We also found one of their neighbors to teach who has a lot of faith her name is Lezbia. SO it was a very happy Christmas!

 Also we went to teach this other family yesterday and a pastor showed up. That is always fun because all they want to do is cause contention and talk about Joseph Smith. Also he got into the fact that America is a bad Country because it is hard to go there and it just felt bad for the poor guy.

We also taught our fecha , Aracely. Hna Guerrero and I have been so excited for her because she had a change of heart and has been changing her life so much! We had so many spiritual lessons with her this week! Her fecha for baptism was on Saturday... weeelllll she didn't come to church yesterday. Dumb ole Satan....So we will see what happens with that lady. We were very sad.

On Saturday we had ward Christmas Dinner and it was DELICIOUS. Also.. the ward choir can not sing but shhhhh...  In about 2 weeks we are organizing a ward talent show...we will be doing the cotton eyed joe WOOT WOOT:

Our Zone Leaders are PILAS (aka reaallll cool.) Their names are E. Orosco (who was my las DL) and E. Cabrerra. They are really spiritual and motivate us to be better. My DL is E. Lopez. Just go talk to Jacob Hola and you about got an idea of who he is. LATINO TWIN. The other sisters I adore in my district.

So one tender mercy this week was Hna. Guerrero and I were praying to be able to find a member to go on visits with us for  the day because we were way behind on our goals for the week for lessons with a member. Well, we were calling, and begging, and feeling bad because it was Christmas Eve in the after noon. Well, we go walking to lunch and one of the Hermanas in the ward stops us on her motorcycle and apologizes becaise her phone is broken but asks us if she can help us. BOOOM MIRACLE. It was just such a litttle tender mercy of the power of prayer and faith.

This week I was studying about how the Book of Mormon and BIble testify of each other and read in Isaiah 29 and 2 Nephi. It is just so cool that these books really work hand in hand! I don't understand how people can believe in the bible, read the Book of Mormon and not know it is true! This gospel just makes sense to me.

Also DyC 12.8 is a real winner. "And no one can assist in this work except he shall be humble and full of love, having faith, hope, and charity, being temperate in all things, whatsoever shall be entrusted to his care."

Well, I know the church is true and I love Christmas! Everyone make a good goal to be a little bit stronger in the gospel this year.


Hna. Sorensen

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