Tuesday, December 23, 2014

More fun in Poptun!

Ho ho ho!

 I hope you all had a lovely week before Christmas and you are all preparing for spectacular Navidad this year! Hna. Guerrero and I had quite the interesting week here in Poptun. But we are loving our time and we are only a little excited to talk to you lovely people (not baggy, (homesick) just excited.)  I opened every single thing you sent me on the day I got it.  (Sorry, mom, I didn't do the little daily plan you had!)  I just decided to open it all, get over the homesickness all at once,and then focus the whole month on the work and on our Savior. So my companion and I just opened it all up right there in early December!  And, you know what?  I didn't get homesick opening it!  I just felt happy and so grateful and amazed at my blessings.  It has been fun sharing the chocolate etc. with other missionaries and other things. Re-gifting is a beautiful thing!

Tender Mercy of the week? Well, this week we had Zone Conference in San Benito. I could name a few tender mercies. Number one: We had to wake up at 5 in the morning to get there. I just wanted to sit on the bus and sleep... welllll they put all of Poptun on this bus and we had 4 fat ladies sitting on a 2 seater bench. I was kinda just kneeling on the floor with part of me on the corner. But Heavenly Father loves me and had some people get off the bus before San Benito so I could have a seat of my very OWN! 

Tender Mercy number 2, Let me just describe something to you, when you go to Zone Conferencel they always tell you 3 months before, "Study a doctrinal subject because they are going to pick someone in the EXACT moment who is going to talk so BE PREPARED!" Well, I have had 3 zone conferences and usually they have called the people before and let them know ahead of time. But I studied anyways because that's just what you do. But basically it's just like the Hunger Games. President stands up and announces who is going to talk, Everyone is just dead quiet and thinking, "Please no, Please no." Well,  that man just stands right up takes a gander at all of us 100 missionaries and says, "We will now here a 10 minute talk from Hna. Sorensen." Then everyone just looks at me with big sad eyeballs like 'Pobrecita.... Good luck.' And I'm just in awe and trying to gather all of my bajillion things to take up to talk to all of these missionaries saying a little prayer in my heart. Well, my tender mercy is, Ususally, I'm always super nervous when I talk in front of people, but I didn't feel super nervous. I just kinda gave my talk about prayer and tried to relax. It wasn't as bad as I thought. The only part I was nervous for was when everyone had 10 minutes to ask me questions after... that's not fun. 

Tender Mercy numero 3, People... we watched FROZEN! No big deal I was just the happiest person on the planet!

My favorite investigators right now is this family we found who live clear out in the boonies. Their first language is Queqchi so we have to take it real slow with them. But they are so nice and humble and get so excited whenever we come to visit them! We invited them to church and they were like in awe that we would be so kind to do that!... Well... They didn't come, but like I said we are taking it slow. I love them! Also, fun fact! The grandma is 137 years old!!!! Well... they say she is... but she looks exactly like the witch in Brave so... I kinda believe it...

 This week I learned how to hand wash clothes... that made my back very tired... it's work people. But,  THAT was a fun little cultural moment for me. Everything is dirty.. you just love the dirt and become one with it.. like a caveman...

Mom keeps asking me why I mentioned I get so cold.  I am healthy mother. I'm only cold in the night in my bed... but thank you grandma and grandpa! I bought myself a blanket for Christmas and now I'm super toasty. No, Peten is one of the hottest places in Guatemala right now. It is just humid and I am pyscho. Don't you worry your pretty little mind.

ANNYYYY whooo... I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas cuz I sure am! My eyes are really being opened to how lucky we are. Not only for things temporal, but spiritual also. When I first got here I thought that lots of people wouldn't have stuff for Christmas like gifts or trees and those material things, Well, that is very true, And it makes me sad! But what makes me evern more sad is how 90 percent of the people here really don't understand what Christmas is, and why we celebrate it. Or they just don't choose to focus on that. They don't know who their Savior is and many really aren't interested to know. How lucky are we to know that someone died for us!? I am so grateful for this time to remember an love my Savior!

Have a Merry Christmas and I will talk to you on jueves!

Les Amo!!
Hna. Sorensen


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