Monday, July 28, 2014

Trabajar Duro!

My umbrella broke...

. . .also.  . I am beautiful.

Lovin' my new scripture covers.

 This girl is Rosemary... one of my fave investigators!


This week fue tan rapido mis amigos. Cuz' we made sure we were busy! So this week we had our first lesson with our 3 new investigators; a mom and her 2 daughters Brenda and Luisa. But ,holy hanna. We could just baptize them today! They already know the church is true and everything! ALL they are doing now is asking for every single book known to our church and actually learning the material. It really is an example of the fact that people can have a testimony of the Church and of Christ without knowing everything. Lots of times we have people get scared because they think they don't have enough knowledge and want to know everything about the gospel. NO! God loves you and that'sall. So, get in the water people.

Also, yesterday we found this family to teach and I really think they have potential! The dad talks SOOOO Much but they basically made the next appointment for us. They are the poorest I have seen and I really want them to have the gospel in their lives!\

The companionship with Hermana Munoz is going well One thing I have been trying to do with Hna. Munoz is that I'm always telling her I don't want to waste one minute of Gods time! I can really see the blessing when we are working hard and being obedient... she walks really slow and flosses her teeth with her hair. But I like her a lot and even though she is the trainer, she will listen to me usually haha. Actually – really funny story. So we had zone conference this week and it motivated me SO much to try harder. So during our week planning I had a talk with Hna Munoz about how it's really important to not waste one minute of our time... right in the middle of our deep talk, she looks at my toe (which still has leftover red fingernail polish from before the mish) and says , “What the hell happened to your toe?” Ohhh myyy!! I almost died laughing ! I was like 'Hna Munoz! That's a bad word!' And she got all embarrassed like, no it's not in Canada! It was so funny! But it is good, and I think she is getting more motivated to work hard. I think I might have a little anxiety cuz I wake up in the night worrying a lot about our investigators or stuff like that. I seriously love Hna Munoz, but like I said, she doesnt' worry much about anything so I do it all. I need to relax more. I know God will help us as long as we have the desire. She thinks I'm crazy cuz' I am freaking out all the time. But I love her.

Funniest thing that happened this week? Well I have another story... haha! So we are teaching this girl who is the girlfriend of a member. We had our first lesson with her and him this week. Alright folks. HANDSY! They would NOT stop touching each other! And he kept kissing her cheek, and we asked her what she liked about church She answers, “Kenny...” She says the prayer 'Thank you for the Kenny and the perfect Boyfriend he is' invite her to baptism in August 'Can I wait till October so I can be baptized on Kenny's birthday “NO. No you may not my fine lady, Cuz' the Church is about Jesus, not about Kenny and I want to throw-up on your high heels cu'z I can't stinkin' teach with the spirit... Yeah it was funny.....

Miracle of the week? Oh, the miracle was definitely finding that family! The day before we had worked SO hard and every single one of our lessons fell through. It was SO discouraging! But that was the day we initially contacted them. So, really God just knows what's up and I need to trust in him more.

To answer your question, “Are you safe there?” People always freak out when we tell them we have citas till 9, and I always just say, 'si pero tenemos Dios'. But really. It's rare for me to feel unsafe. But yesterday we did have this stinky man who had beer all over him come and creeep on me a little bit. I don't know what he was saying, but I had a bad feeling so I just gave him a folleto and we left. Don't worry about my safety. Like It's really not bad.

The work is going great and I'm learning a lot about the importance of hard work and trusting in God. I want to share this quote with you all this week .

If we are to prosper rather than perish, we must gain a vision of ourselves as the Savior sees us.” This week we really focused on how change starts with us. I know that as long as we have a desire, and imagine ourselves as good people, missionaries, teachers, workers, Whateva, God will help us. He really wants to!

I love this work and I love you all!

Monday, July 21, 2014


Helloooo hello hello hello!!
Holy hanna,  this week fue TAN rapido people! A lot happened... I like it when this happens, it means I was busy.

First things first people guess what happened? I lost my badge! I am DEVASTATED! We had divisions one day so I had 2 bags and we were going to the other hermana's house on the dangerous bus (Cuz' this time we went to her area) and I got off the dang dangerous bus and my badge was gone! AHHHHHH! I feel like- naked- without it. I ordered 2 more; but they said it could be weeks til I get it. BOOOOO!  But it's okay. I have the spirit, What else do I need?

Divisions were good and I learned a lot from Hna. Adair. She helped me with my companionship cuz' I was having problems feeling like I couldn't say stuff to Hna. Munoz since she is the trainer.  For example, when I knew were were maybe not following the schedule etc. exactly right. So, Hma. Adair said I had to be more direct with her. That was my goal this week. And it's a lot better! We have been getting work done and figuring out how to be champ missionaries. Her previous trainer kind of had a different idea of what obedience rules to follow it seems. She actually only has one more change than me, but I told her I want us to baptize the heck out of Los Campos. We ran around all week. It was the BEST!

What was the miracle of the week? Alright, so the best thing happened this week! We got a reference from one of our members!  This lady and her two daughters, Yeah!  They know nothing about the church but have already prayed to know if our church is true and believe it is! So we already set a date with them and everything! Like the first lesson was bomb, we gave them a Book of Mormon and a hymn book and they are so excited to learn! I just looked at them like, lets just go find a stinkin' river right now people, you're ready.

Who is your favorite investigator? My favorite investigators are this lady named Aura and her daughter Rosimery. They are bien pilas! Family, you would LOVE them. They are our kind of people. Like, I die laughing whenever I am with them. I'm 100 percent positive we were BFFS in heaven. But Satan is working on them. They have a fecha but everytime we go they say they aren't sure. I know Satan is working on them cuz' they are progressing so much! 

What is the newest/strangest or most interesting new cultural thing/food/tradition/item that you saw this week?  Hmmmm...... Well I don't actually know. Really guatemalans are just pyscho and  funny.... yeah i donno i need to write them down when I see them cuz I always forget.  The cockroaches are everywhere and they are huge.

How are Sundays going?  What do you do on that day? Oh heck SO much better. I actually enjoy Sundays now. I know this is because of you lovely people! But now that I can communicate it's A LOT better. But guess what folks. Little miss "Language barrier" had to give a  talk in sacrament this week. At first I was like, Okay,  I can do this.  Who cares If I look stupid? Don't worry, . .  Pres. And Hna Curtiss decided to come to OUR ward this week. I was dying! I basically condensed my 10 minute talk down to 2 minutes and then ran to my chair. But apparently everyone could understand me. Short and sweet. It was on mission work so it wasn't too hard except for the Spanish part. . . haha.

What is your schedule with Hermana Munoz? So she had a trainer who got her into some not-so-great habits. But I am helping to whip us back into shape and making sure we are keeping all the rules. It's basically the same; but very different. .  haha. She doesn't talk much, so we actually move through lessons and leave lunch and stuff like that a lot earlier-which I like cuz' before I think we spent too much time in one place. But I'm also trying to learn to relax because she is so relaxed and  I worry about everything!  I need to learn from her. But I LOVE her and hope we are together for another change.

How is the exercise and eating plan going. . . ? Yeah.... I donno I'm trying to eat less. But It would be great if you guys could send me some workouts to do in the mornings. It sucks cuz; i actually get SO full and try and ask for less food but they always give me a ton. So I don't want to eat... but I have to eat. I tried doing the food thing (you know, that move it around on your plate to make it 'look' like you ate a lot. . "  but it's worse. It's better to try and eat fast so I can get it all down or else I feel like I'm gonna puke if I eat to slow. yeah... I'm still figuring that out with the people here.

So as usual, life is wonderful! I really am learning the blessings of completely just forgetting yourself and giving it all to God. That's when miracles happen. Also of having prayers be SUPER specific. I love you all so much. I feel your prayers. Literally I know the reason I am progressing  so fast is because I Have a lot of people worrying and praying for me. I can't express my love! Have a good week my fave peeps! 

Hna Sorensen  (Without a badge-- so I guess I'm just Lexi this week!)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Bazingaaaa 3 meses down, 15 to go. Woot woot. I am a champ. It's bizarre for me to think that I actually have 3 months down cuz' sometimes I don't feel like the CCM counts. This equals, my mission is just going to fly by like it already is. Slow it down folks. I'll be seein' youuuuuu, in all the old familiar places. . . .(that's a song that I
just sang in my head.)

so. . Here are the answers to your quesitons for the week:
How are things going with Hermana Munoz? Oh my heavens folks! I ADORE Hna Munoz! We are newbies. She is from Mexico and only has 5 months in the mission. So We are just little babies learning together. It's interesting and I'm definitely growing a lot. I can't explain to you how bizarre it was to be the one in charge this week. Like I did all the planning, introducing, starting the lessons: TODOS! This is quite funny people cuz' in reality I have no clue what I'm doing still. But 'Fake it till you Make it ' right? And I actually think I did ok and my Spanish was  so bomb this week. Like none of it was correct, but basically everyone knew what I was trying to say. This is a miracle. Also it was quite interesting to understand everything that was going on. Hna. Munoz lived in Canada for 3 years so her English is perfect (besides the fact that she accidentally says swear-words sometimes....) But it's just odd to have a complete understanding of what happened when I didn't understand. I try really hard to make sure we speak more Spanish than English but I'm not gonna lie... at night it' s basically English... not just my fault, Hna Munoz said she has been wanting to practice her English more. SO I hope that that doesn't hinder my learning too much. But I got so many compliments on my Spanish this week! God knew what I needed. Hna Munoz is a little shy and so sweet; so I basically do most of the talking. But then it's so cool to see her teach cuz' she just takes off talking. BOOM. . The spirit is there. . And I still cant quite teach yet so we are good for each other.

How often will you see Hermana Cerrato. . when you say 'sister leader' is that like a zone leader or something? Is she a leader over your area/you still? We have 6 hermana leaders in our mission. 4 in Coban in 2 far away in Paten. Yeah, they are basically like zone leaders and just go on divisions with the sisters and all of that stuff. But Hna Cerrato is still in my district so I actually see her 2 times a week. Meetings and Pdays. It's good to see her! She was a good trainer.

Have you been teaching the cute new lady and her daughter this week? What are their names and how are things going with these investigators? Baptismal date set? Ha! AHHHH! YES! Aura is the MOm and Rosemeri is the daughter. We set a date with Rosemeri for AUG. 16! And she ACCEPTED! It was so cool cuz we brought a member who is a convert and I'm pretty sure if she wasn't there, she wouldn't have accepted it cuz she shared her testimony, then I did, and then Hna munoz... wow. I'm just so excited for them. It's a miracle. We have only had 2 lessons with them, but the spirit is always so strong with them and they were basically those people just born ready and just waiting to find the truth! It's so great! WE invited the mom too but she said she needed time to pray about it. Yeah we will get her on Wednesday I am positive.

What little things would be best for you to get in your next little package? I just really like Heath bars a lot......and uh.... yeah.... letters always make me jolly. 

What made you laugh this week? So interesting story actually, we are out contacting and find this house. WAHOOO! it's a Pastors house. After like quizzing us on our religion, he invites us in his house and starts showing us all these scriptures about how Christ was born in October and how Sunday is supposed to be Saturday... I donno why I thought it was so funny, but I was just laughing in my brain cuz'... well Hna. Munoz is really shy... and I cant speak Spanish so we just couldnt get out of the dang house until i said in my broken Spanish that we had another apt. It was really funny.... I'll keep you posted on that.

What was the miracle of the week? I definitely think our baptism was a huge miracle for us this week! AH! I'm so excited! Also remember Priscila with Parkinsons? I have been praying SO hard that she will let us back in her house to teach her but she is nevert here. SO we had her scheduled and I was just expecting her to not be there, Nope! She was sitting on the porch! OH my! I have missed her! We set a date with her too in AUG but she doesn't ever come to church gosh darnit!

How has your personal study helped you feel secure and peaceful this week? This week I learned more about our purpose here on earth and the importance of us to be tested. We are here on earth to gain experience so we can become like our Heavenly Father. How GREAT is that!? We get to be Gods one day. But that isn't possible with out going through trials. I am learning to say thank you for my trials at night. In the last day I want to have gone through so many trials that I'm a champ human and have truly become perfected through Christ. The rough times are blessing folks.

So i love my comp and my Spanish is getting better! Life is wonderful and I wish everyone had the opportunity to serve a mission! It sounds like you are all doing so good! I love reading your letters and new news in your lives! keep on being happy and get  a tan for me!

Hna Sorensen

Monday, July 7, 2014


This is us with our mission goal, "Bapize and RETAIN!" 
Also my pretty area and... our cute cards we made for Joseline who is leaving for the US. 
What up fam. Well no questions this week so I guess I will just give a recap. This week was crazy and SO FAST! First of all,  let me tell you we have changes tomorrow. Hna. Cerrato has been chosen as the next Hna. leader so I will be finishing my training with Hna. Munoz. I will meet her tomorrow. But from what I have heard she is really sweet! She lived in Canada and speaks perfect English,  which we will never be utilizing cuz' I need to practice my Spanish yo. And apparently she is shy... this would not be a problem in our companionship if I could speak Spanish.Oh well,  I guess more of an opportunity for me to make a fool of myself and grow a whole lot. God knows what I need!

So you all may be thinking from the title of this email I made an embarrassing mistake with my Spanish and said I was pregnant. NO people, If I were to document every embarrassing mistake I made with Spanish, we would be here for my whole mission. NO... my friends,  the fact of the matter is I have a lovely parasite living in my belly! Can I get a woot woot? I donno what everyone is always freaking out about. I mean I was real tired and sicky for like three days, Went to the doctor, pooped in a cup,  got some medicine, was tired for three more days (went home one night--one hour early) and here I am,  parasite free... I think! But yeah,  I'm having the whole Guat experience! It's all good!

So also this week we found this bomb lady and her daughter to teach. Aight, basically already members. Like just get baptizede already cuz' you are already a Mormon. They came to church on Sunday and I'm way excited to see them progress!

Also one day this week I had the happy opportunity to wake up at 2 in the morning to take a bus to the capital for my Visa. Hi,  I have a parasite and am very tired and wanted to die on that curvy thing. They can't drive here. But it was good and I got to see Hna. Klindt! AHHH I love her. I have missed her a lot. Hna. Cerrato could have been a little irritated and I wouldn't blame her;  cuz I talked English with Hna. Klindt,  but like. heck she is my sista fren. It was so good to see her. We got home at 9:30 and I just went straight to bed even though our bed time is 1030
uhh.... also this week we had a goodbye party for the daughter of the member who feeds us everyday. She is moving to Tennessee today. I'm so sad! I love her a lot!

Umm... those are the big things that happened this week.   Any who I like you all a lot and I am learning a lot. GO ME FOR FINISHING ONE CHANGE. Couldn't have done it without you lovelies. For realsies. 
SOmeone go watch Les Mis for me.
Peace out brussel sprouts. The church is true and God loves his children.

Note from Lexi's mom, Kim:   Today by email I 
asked Lexi if she felt the earthquake and this is what she said:
oh my heck yes! I woke up at like 5 this morning wondering why my stinkin bead was moving back and forth and the mirror on our dresser almost fell on my head haha. It was like when we were on our cruise..