Monday, July 7, 2014


This is us with our mission goal, "Bapize and RETAIN!" 
Also my pretty area and... our cute cards we made for Joseline who is leaving for the US. 
What up fam. Well no questions this week so I guess I will just give a recap. This week was crazy and SO FAST! First of all,  let me tell you we have changes tomorrow. Hna. Cerrato has been chosen as the next Hna. leader so I will be finishing my training with Hna. Munoz. I will meet her tomorrow. But from what I have heard she is really sweet! She lived in Canada and speaks perfect English,  which we will never be utilizing cuz' I need to practice my Spanish yo. And apparently she is shy... this would not be a problem in our companionship if I could speak Spanish.Oh well,  I guess more of an opportunity for me to make a fool of myself and grow a whole lot. God knows what I need!

So you all may be thinking from the title of this email I made an embarrassing mistake with my Spanish and said I was pregnant. NO people, If I were to document every embarrassing mistake I made with Spanish, we would be here for my whole mission. NO... my friends,  the fact of the matter is I have a lovely parasite living in my belly! Can I get a woot woot? I donno what everyone is always freaking out about. I mean I was real tired and sicky for like three days, Went to the doctor, pooped in a cup,  got some medicine, was tired for three more days (went home one night--one hour early) and here I am,  parasite free... I think! But yeah,  I'm having the whole Guat experience! It's all good!

So also this week we found this bomb lady and her daughter to teach. Aight, basically already members. Like just get baptizede already cuz' you are already a Mormon. They came to church on Sunday and I'm way excited to see them progress!

Also one day this week I had the happy opportunity to wake up at 2 in the morning to take a bus to the capital for my Visa. Hi,  I have a parasite and am very tired and wanted to die on that curvy thing. They can't drive here. But it was good and I got to see Hna. Klindt! AHHH I love her. I have missed her a lot. Hna. Cerrato could have been a little irritated and I wouldn't blame her;  cuz I talked English with Hna. Klindt,  but like. heck she is my sista fren. It was so good to see her. We got home at 9:30 and I just went straight to bed even though our bed time is 1030
uhh.... also this week we had a goodbye party for the daughter of the member who feeds us everyday. She is moving to Tennessee today. I'm so sad! I love her a lot!

Umm... those are the big things that happened this week.   Any who I like you all a lot and I am learning a lot. GO ME FOR FINISHING ONE CHANGE. Couldn't have done it without you lovelies. For realsies. 
SOmeone go watch Les Mis for me.
Peace out brussel sprouts. The church is true and God loves his children.

Note from Lexi's mom, Kim:   Today by email I 
asked Lexi if she felt the earthquake and this is what she said:
oh my heck yes! I woke up at like 5 this morning wondering why my stinkin bead was moving back and forth and the mirror on our dresser almost fell on my head haha. It was like when we were on our cruise..

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