Monday, July 28, 2014

Trabajar Duro!

My umbrella broke...

. . .also.  . I am beautiful.

Lovin' my new scripture covers.

 This girl is Rosemary... one of my fave investigators!


This week fue tan rapido mis amigos. Cuz' we made sure we were busy! So this week we had our first lesson with our 3 new investigators; a mom and her 2 daughters Brenda and Luisa. But ,holy hanna. We could just baptize them today! They already know the church is true and everything! ALL they are doing now is asking for every single book known to our church and actually learning the material. It really is an example of the fact that people can have a testimony of the Church and of Christ without knowing everything. Lots of times we have people get scared because they think they don't have enough knowledge and want to know everything about the gospel. NO! God loves you and that'sall. So, get in the water people.

Also, yesterday we found this family to teach and I really think they have potential! The dad talks SOOOO Much but they basically made the next appointment for us. They are the poorest I have seen and I really want them to have the gospel in their lives!\

The companionship with Hermana Munoz is going well One thing I have been trying to do with Hna. Munoz is that I'm always telling her I don't want to waste one minute of Gods time! I can really see the blessing when we are working hard and being obedient... she walks really slow and flosses her teeth with her hair. But I like her a lot and even though she is the trainer, she will listen to me usually haha. Actually – really funny story. So we had zone conference this week and it motivated me SO much to try harder. So during our week planning I had a talk with Hna Munoz about how it's really important to not waste one minute of our time... right in the middle of our deep talk, she looks at my toe (which still has leftover red fingernail polish from before the mish) and says , “What the hell happened to your toe?” Ohhh myyy!! I almost died laughing ! I was like 'Hna Munoz! That's a bad word!' And she got all embarrassed like, no it's not in Canada! It was so funny! But it is good, and I think she is getting more motivated to work hard. I think I might have a little anxiety cuz I wake up in the night worrying a lot about our investigators or stuff like that. I seriously love Hna Munoz, but like I said, she doesnt' worry much about anything so I do it all. I need to relax more. I know God will help us as long as we have the desire. She thinks I'm crazy cuz' I am freaking out all the time. But I love her.

Funniest thing that happened this week? Well I have another story... haha! So we are teaching this girl who is the girlfriend of a member. We had our first lesson with her and him this week. Alright folks. HANDSY! They would NOT stop touching each other! And he kept kissing her cheek, and we asked her what she liked about church She answers, “Kenny...” She says the prayer 'Thank you for the Kenny and the perfect Boyfriend he is' invite her to baptism in August 'Can I wait till October so I can be baptized on Kenny's birthday “NO. No you may not my fine lady, Cuz' the Church is about Jesus, not about Kenny and I want to throw-up on your high heels cu'z I can't stinkin' teach with the spirit... Yeah it was funny.....

Miracle of the week? Oh, the miracle was definitely finding that family! The day before we had worked SO hard and every single one of our lessons fell through. It was SO discouraging! But that was the day we initially contacted them. So, really God just knows what's up and I need to trust in him more.

To answer your question, “Are you safe there?” People always freak out when we tell them we have citas till 9, and I always just say, 'si pero tenemos Dios'. But really. It's rare for me to feel unsafe. But yesterday we did have this stinky man who had beer all over him come and creeep on me a little bit. I don't know what he was saying, but I had a bad feeling so I just gave him a folleto and we left. Don't worry about my safety. Like It's really not bad.

The work is going great and I'm learning a lot about the importance of hard work and trusting in God. I want to share this quote with you all this week .

If we are to prosper rather than perish, we must gain a vision of ourselves as the Savior sees us.” This week we really focused on how change starts with us. I know that as long as we have a desire, and imagine ourselves as good people, missionaries, teachers, workers, Whateva, God will help us. He really wants to!

I love this work and I love you all!

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