Monday, August 4, 2014


Hello my beautiful people whom I just love very dearly!

¿Cómo estnánnnnn? ¿Cómo le va? ¿Cómo fue su dia? This is what everyone asks the first 5 minutes of everyday and all I think in my head is 'you crazies are asking us the exact same question 70 times. For reals. Muy bien.' But I guess they are just real concerned with our well-being, which is kind.

How it all happened.....the de-licing of Hermana Sorensen.

So this week was the     I am getting the full on Guat experience. I considered not sharing this with everyone cuz I thought,  'yuck,  I'm a grossie josssiieee and I am embarrassed.' Pero, then I thought,  'Hi I’m in Guatemala. These folks need to be prepared.   I GOT LICCCEEEEE! Grosie Josie Hermana Sorensen has little Piojos crawling around in her 'colochitas'. This is the down-side of having blonde curly hair that every dirty child in the country wants to touch. No más kidlets.   But yeah that happened. I kept asking Hna. Muñoz to check but she didn't see anything, so one day I just asked the family who we eat lunch with cuz’ my head was just a itching! Sure enough she pulls out a good ol’ buggy! EWWWW! So I felt like a puchika this week, cuz’ everyday I went to their house for like 2 hours while Hna. Anabela and the grandma de-liced me. BOOOO. I just had to keep telling myself Heavenly Father knows my heart and knows that I didn't like sitting there wasting time either. But I washed and suffocated everything, and we are doing one more 'process' today. Woot woot! Hopefully I'll be lice-free for the rest of my life. Plus side, I learned a new word! Piojossss!

Now to answer the questions of the week:  As far as sleep goes,  I'm doing a lot better!   Have you lovelies been praying for me? I can tell. This week,  three days in a row,  I didn't wake up once in the night until our alarm went off! WAHOOO!

Miracle and Special Experience this week:   Oh my hellen keller folks. We have the best investigators! Yesterday was the best day of my life! So remember Brenda? The bomb investigator who we have who just wants to know everything?   Well, we went to a Relief Society activity with her on Wednesday and she is going to start teaching all of the sisters Zumba every day in the church.  She is more involved than the members.  She goes to every activity and absolutely LOVES this gospel! She has only known it for 2 weeks! She is the definition of having 'hunger' to know more. I look up to her so much! She already wants to serve a mission. She asked if she could move her baptism date up.  I was doing a dance in my head as I tried to calmly respond,  “I think we could do that.”  BAZINGA!  Also,  yesterday she bore her testimony in church. I have never felt so happy in my life. On Monday, we had an FHE with her and a member family. We talked a little about Joseph Smith. She said that night she went home and read his testimony and prayed to know the truth. That night she had a dream. She saw Joseph Smith translating The Book of Mormon and felt so happy and peaceful. Then she saw a hand come out of the clouds and hand her The Book of Mormon. For once in my stay here, the whole sacrament meeting was silent. She really opened her heart to know the truth and received an answer. AHHH I'm so excited!   I just adore her!  Also Hna. Priscila came to church yesterday for the first time! I was a little worried she would get bored,  but every time I looked at her face she was so intently focused on the speaker. She said she loved it all and I'm so happy that she has found something to make her happy in her life!
Priscilla with me and Hermana Munoz. . . she looks pretty thrilled here, eh?  She really is happy!

and our other investigator Wilber, Geni and their brother, Walter, who is a member.
 How are things coming with your new companionship and what is your best method of ‘slowing down’ to meet her in the middle cuz’ she is jus ‘mosey-ing’ along?  Yeah... she's a flosser. I just shield my eyeballs. But actually the other day she told me I walk really fast and she doesn't like that and I have been praying about this problem... Well I gave her a little cincho (burn) and told her that we are on the Lord’s time and need to be running to every appointment. I told her I came to serve 'with my whole heart, might,  mind and strength' and I know she wants to do that too.  It has been good as we teach together, and we both need to improve with our abilities; so please pray for us.   Really my Spanish isn't that great but is really improving.   I speak too much in English with her, but I sure do love her.

Anything make you laugh this week?  Oh, heck yes! I just laugh my life away. This week was mainly about my lice with the family we have lunch with. LOVE Those guys. e had lots of jokes.

What are the Miracles/tender mercies/things you are grateful for this week?  Dream of Brenda. Hands down.  Also scripture of the week is Alma 32:27-28. We are trying to get Aura and Rosemary to experiment with the gospel. Come on folks,  this is your salvation.

Love you all people. Thank you for your prayers and everything! Obedience=blessings! 
Hermana Sorensen

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