Monday, August 18, 2014


Bahahhahaha! I hope I freaked all of you out a little bit with the subject of my letter. No lovelies. I do not have dhangai..  Tampoco(Neither do I have)  lice. I am living my life bug-free at the moment! (Okay not exactly bug free,  but none are living inside of me.) 

Anywhoooo. I had a lovely week here in pretty Guat Guat. We had changes on Saturday and my beloved Hna. Munoz and I are going to be together for another change. Woot Woot! Yesterday we sat down and had a good chat about how we are going to be champ missionaries and work real hard. Cuz’ this is the Lord’s time. SO I'm stoked! Also, felicidades (congrats) to me!   I finished my training.   WAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOO!

PRAISE the heavens! I got the package! THANK YOU! Especially for the photos. I love those things... Oh and I guess I appreciate the chocolate.......

Oh my Word! Brenda’s baptism was the most spiritual experience ever! She is such a cutie! She just cried the whole time. The spirit was so strong and a lot of our other investigators came! It was so good! Yesterday she was confirmed and also called as the secretary in Relief Society. Also she is getting excited for her mission. 

Who are your new investigators this week? Well... we found this lady named Maria (which is a really rare name here, if you didn't know.) And she seems to be interested. We put a fecha with her for October.. but we shall see cuz’ we have only had one lesson with her. 

Speaking of looking for new investigators,  God really does watch out for his missionaries! So like 2 weeks ago one night I was writing in my journal and randomly decided to look through our area book.This is really weird cuz’. I've been here for like 11 weeks by now so I basically know everything about Los Campos. But I was looking through and this girl (Sister Missionary)  had written about this less active member who was excommunicated for creeping on sister missionaries. The next night we were walking home and this guy starts talking to us all nice and tells us he is less active and so we ask if we can come visit him tomorrow. We ask his name and, sure enough,  it's creeper man! I know that it was the spirit prompting me to randomly look in the area book so that I could be wise about this contact!  I am protected in so many big and small ways. I'm so grateful to be a missionary!

Tell us about your lessons this week:  Well We had a very sad lesson this week. If you remember Aura y Rosemary? Well, we had to drop them this week. It was so SAD! I definitely cried. But also the spirit was really strong and I know we did the right thing. I really believe that maybe in the future other missionaries can find them.

Share a culturally interesting GUAT fact. . What is the strangest thing you've eaten recently?  Hellen Keller, my friends.  We have had freakin’ chicken and rice almost every day here for the past 6 weeks! I want to die!  We eat chicken out the wazoo here.... like I just want some cow.   And... uh.... We kiss everyone on the cheek... and uh... we have pot holes., HUGE ones.  And uh.. oh my,  i don't know. my mind goes blank when you ask me these questions. Really I'm just excited for you guys to come back and experience the buses here cuz’ I almost die every day.

Are you getting more accustomed to your area (i.e. not getting lost to much)? Yeah I basically know everything about our area now.. and the people... it's nice not to feel like a lost puppy. Ha!

That's all folks! 
I love you a bushel and a peck and pray for you allll the time!
Hermana Sorensen

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