Monday, August 25, 2014


Buenoooossss Tardessss.

Happy First P-day of my 4th Cambio. Woot woot woot! Wanna know how fast time goes? When my companionship with Hna. Munoz started, she had the same amount of time that I have now. WEIRD folks. ZOOM. I'll see ya'll in 10 seconds. 

This week we found a lot of new investigators!  This is good cuz’ after these folks get baptized this week, we will be lacking in lessons. We found this boy to teach and one day we were talking about the Plan of Salvation and in comes his 30 year-old drunk brother. I was a little scared at first. But we actually came back to teach him another day. His name is Giovani and really wants to stop drinking and change his life for his little girl and wife. He wants to know God’s plan for him. I did a little dance about that in my head. Drunk people aren't always bad.  My favorite tender mercy of the week was definitely finding Giovani! How cool is it to find an investigator in a drunk man?

But actually we had many drunk experiences this week. I don’t know why, but it happened. We had one guy start talking to us, then just start peeing right there..... alright.. gotta go....and I have another guy who stalks me everyday. Just walks a bit behind us and yells ‘RUBIA’ at me. Excuse me, you are scaring away our investigators. But I am never afraid cuz’ I know I have God with me always.

The companionship with Hermana Munoz is good. I am very grateful to have another change with her cuz’ we have a lot to learn from each other. Don't tell mother, but I definitely cried twice about Hermana Munoz this week in the bathroom. I would explain it to you, but just go watch the dvd, Errand of Angels when she has her rough companion cuz it's almost the exact same situation. Like I want to do a ton of stuff and work hard and be obedient, but she doesn't want to.  So I have been focusing on charity and really and truly looking for her strengths. I'm trying to learn that even though the rules say one thing and I may think it's better... cuz it's a rule--maybe she does have something I can learn from her. After praying a lot,  I decided maybe this change isn't going to be a change with lots of baptisms or success, But for me, I'm going to grow a lot. I'm going to focus on just loving my companion and looking to God for my success in these things.

So this week we had a lesson with an Evangalist who we have been teaching with his family. They are super poor and at first I was SO excited to teach them. Yeah.  He was a pastor and believes God and Christ are the same person. We have had 3 lessons of us trying to explain but all he does is throw bible verses at us. It's way annoying. So our last lesson he just kept talking to me and throwing bible verses at me. I could know all the scriptures in the world and it wouldn't have mattered. I kept asking him if he had prayed about our message. He kept saying that it would be in vain to God cuz’ he already knows what is the truth. Finally after like one hour (Hna Munoz just sat there and watched the kids play.) I told him that we could talk all day, but only God knows the truth and if he wasn't going to ask Him, then he wasn't going to progress. So that was my cincho lesson for the week. Maybe not the best approach, but also after 3 lessons I didn’t feel too bad. Hello sir, this was your opportunity for your family. I will see you in the heavens.

Also,  we had a really special lesson with Brenda about temples. Oh my, how lucky are we to have GODS HOUSE here on the earth! She is preparing to go with the ward in one month. I am so excited to go back and feel the peace of my Heavenly Father in his house. One thing I really liked that I found when I was studying was ' The only thing that can compare to the temple in sacredness, is our homes.' I really believe that. More than ever here, I'm realizing that our homes really are a place of peace, comfort, and love just like our home of our Father in Heaven!

The way we find people to teacher here is, well, we basically just ask everyone for references of people to teach aaaannndd 'yell' at doors. Funny story actually. You know how I'm still kinda lackin in the Spanish language? Well one day, I yelled at a door and this Catholic lady came out. We asked if we could share a message with her and all of this stuff but she said no. So yadadadad we said why not and finally she starts talking to me and says, 'Uou can share something with me if you sleep with my son. He's really ugly I want a cute blonde grandbaby.'  Well, being the gringa I am, I thought she said we could if first I TALKED with him--like shared a message with him and her grandbaby. I was like 'YEAH! Great! Another investigator!' So I said ' Si! Si! Podemos Hacerlo! (Yes! Yes! We can do it!') And Hna. Munoz was like 'Nonononono' And explained to me in English. So yeah... It was awkward... I felt like Kolipoki on the movie, The Other Side of Heaven...... Sorry madam. I cannot sleep with your ugly son.

I am feeling great, and there is a store here that sells Nature’s Sunshine stuff, so I should be able to get the things I need.  This is all I have for this week, actually it's pretty lengthy! I know that Our God Reigns and His work is really hastening! We can do miracles with Him if we will just ask.


Hna. Sorensen

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  1. Looking forward to meeting you Hermanita Sorensen…soon ! Hang in there! Looks like we'll be sharing stories with you! You are strong and brave!