Monday, September 1, 2014

Mosquitos love Gringos

Happy September lovely humans!

How weird is it that it is September? Let me tell you, it is very weird because this means that I almost have 5 months. This frightens me due to the fact I still continue to talk like a cave-woman and still have not shopped in a Paca...(this a a thrift store like Logan's “Somebody's Attic”) . . .good thing I have more time, yeah?

This week was jolly good. It rained ooooodles. This is quite annoying, if you must know because here the weather is crazy. If it is going to rain, it makes REAAALLLLYYYY hot at first and then, BAM! -- rain like I have never seen in my whole entire life. How do you dres sfor something like that I ask you? Tell me when you know cuz I just want to keep the same shoes on for a day.

So this week I was having a little jealousy because the Elders in our ward are teaching a family right now. So I said a little prayer on Sunday to help to guide us to a family who needs the gospel. After basically all of our lessons had fallen through, and we had contacted the whole stinkin' continent, I told Hna. Munoz that we should try one more street before going to a menos activo house. BOOM SHAKALAKA! Found a family! And they are so nice and accepted to be baptized, and we talked to them for like and hour! AHHH! I was so happy! Who knows, cuz occassionally the first lesson is bomb (great!) and then after its not so good; but I just have hope in my bones. I know that God will guide us with his hand when we pray SPECIFICALLY.

How has the Book of Mormon blessed your life or someone you have taught this week?This week on Saturday we were supposed to have 2 baptisms, the sister of Brenda and her mom. Saturday.. they were both SO prepared! Well surprise! The mom, Amelia, who I adore like my own mother, didn't pass her baptism interview. Well then.... Apparently she had some feelings of wanting to kill her previous husband and herself... It's a tragic tale that one day I will maybe, or maybe not, share with you. But she had an interview with Presidente, and after we talked and read about repentance and the story of Alma from the Book of Mormon we learned how much that really our Heavenly Father loves us and It's so amazing that we can repent and that our Savior suffered for us, so we can live with them again. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon. God's words are always more powerful than ours. The scriptures really helped with her decision to change her life and she is going to be baptized this week, don't fret!
What is your favorite thing from Preach My Gospel this week? I always love studying the Attributes of Christ. I'm working on Charity and Love right now... which will take me my whole life to learn...

How is Sister Munoz and how do you learn from her? What qualities are you developing though your relationship with her that will help you in your future life? I am learning a lot about patience and humility....

What is the grooviest outfit you wear and what is the trickiest method you employ to eat less. . Since you mentioned you feel that you are gaining weight. Pues.... All of my outfits are real interesting..Hna .Munoz says I dress like a nun.. but I think my favorite is my broken umbrella worn with dad's raincoat, and my lovely dress that now when I wear it looks like I have a prego belly, finished off with my boots. It's a real winner. My food trick and great habit is that I basically just try to only have one tortilla at meals instead of 20 cuz those things are like a slice of heaven.

I'm always learning a lot and I really love this work and my Heavenly Father! He is ALWAYS with us. This week I really realized how happy I am for the reality of eternal families. I know that this is a true gospel principle and I think you guys are cool and how great that we will be together FOREVERRR. (spoken like the Sandlot foreverrrrr)!

Watch out for mosquitos cuz' they like gringo blood.

Hna Sorenss (This is waht Hna. Amelia calls me.) 

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