Monday, September 15, 2014

Feliz Dia de Independencia!

Actividad con las Hermanas!  
Hola Familia! 

 Feliz Dia de Independencia!  ( Mom's note. . . this is the Mexican flag. . . so are they celebrating Mexico's independence. . .or Guatemalan Independence day? I do not know! )

Here are the answers to the questions of the week that mom always says I do not need to answer, but I like to, so here we go: 

What are the biggest changes you see in your life because of you mission?

EVERYTHING. Hahaha!   Whenever I think about going home, I just get a little wierded-out because I am so aware of so many things that I never realized before. I can really see the blessings of God when we are EXACTLY obedient. I've never seen God so much in my life.   I also am realizing sometimes stuff that I would probably usually want to do when I get home, but I can't be a stinkin’ hypocrite!  Overall, right now I think the biggest thing that is changing my life forever is my scripture study. I never want to lose this! Before I just read the scriptures, but now I'm really hungering for them and reading for specific subjects and wanting to find the things that God wants me to learn. I hope I never lose that, cuz’ It's fun!

Have you found new investigators?  Tell us about who you are currently teaching.

We found this family out contacting the other day. The mom has 4 sons and a little girl. THEY ARE PILAS! I love them! They are so fun and always have A TON of questions. One of them learned English watching TV, so he always tries to practice with me. But I adore teaching them because they really have a desire to find the truth.

What is your favorite thing about Los Campos the city, the ward, and the apartment. . . and your least favorite thing about those items.

Los campos... well the roads are AWFULLLLL: like dirt and pot-hole city. . .so our feet are always wet... that is No Bueno.  Also, there are lots of bolos (drunks).   We had a bolo follow us this week and he creeped on me and touched me.  It scared the bejeebies out of me. I pushed him and yelled,  'VA POR SU CASA' (Go Home!)  in my gringa Spanish. But really, after that happened I was way freaked! I thought he was going to  attack me! So... yeah drunks... no fun.

My favorite things would be that it's so earthy and green and beautiful here; but it is still really close to Coban, so we don't want for much.. and it is close to the mission office.  Our apartment is pilas! I have no complaints there! A little tiny, but I think we have one of the nicest in the mission!

How are you doing?  Well, emotionally, sometimes I feel like I am a big ball of stress as I learn to be patient with my companion and our very different ways of serving our mission!  Patience is a great thing that I work on daily, and I am learning to depend on God and He helps me so much. I am really learning a lot about myself and being humbled. I love the mission and know that I am here to be perfected. The mission is stressful, but how lucky am I to learn to depender más on my Father in Heaven? I have been thinking about how the atonement is more than just suffering for our sins, but for me personally--Christ suffered and knows exactly how I am feeling, so He knows EXACTLY how to help me.

Also I'm learning that I'm a good person!  I really do want to be a good missionary. I just need to focus on that and remember that God knows my heart. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true! I love the people here. I love my mission. And I love my God with all my heart! Tomorrow I officially have 5 months here! The time to give it all to my Father in Heaven really is going fast!

Hermana Sorensen
 I met Hermana y Elder Bake! They are so nice and apparently read my blog before coming here last week!

Hna. Amelias Baptism!

Hermana Cerrato and I

So one of the Elders here about died when he saw my niece's eyes and asked if he could draw her. Holy hanna he has talent, yeah!?

I love helados!

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