Monday, August 11, 2014

I Can Go the Distanceeeee!

August 11, 2014

What upppp?!! and happy semana a todos! How are you all doing my dear friends!

I had a lovely week LICE-FREE here in beloved Los Campos. I am actually quite upset cuz' I have lots of fotos to send this week. But I live in Guatemala and sometimes things do not work.. so no fotos hoy folks. But I had some real nice pictures of my experience boiling my clothes.. on our little stove... in a frying pan.. cuz' we don't have a pot. So I just did one skirt and shirt at a time during exercise and personal study. Yeah... Livin' the guat life!

Today we went to Ram Tzul ( I think that's what it was called haha) and hiked to this epic waterfall and I took all these real cool fotos. I felt like I was on the Jungle Cruise and had the stupid little song stuck in my head the whole time. Then we finally arrived at the waterfall and Boom! It was like Splash Mountain. So now I am singin' 'zipadeedoodaaaaaa'. Life really is great my, friends. Real great. Also, we played 'Never have I ever' on the bus to Ram Tzul. It was pretty funny because we were with like 25 missionaries who have been serving for a very lonnnnnng time.. and I was one of the first people out. Three months, a parasite, lice, eaten raw fish, gotten lost.. . . .I am just getting the fullll experience in my little time. I'm a lucky lady. :)

So life is pretty wonderful here. Highlights of the week=
1. Yesterday we taught a member and his girlfriend the law of Chastity... Yeah... She's pregnant. Ask how fun it was to give that lesson cuz' actually I wanted to die. But she has a fecha (date for baptism set) for Sept. Just you know.. gotta get married and that stuff.

2.Hna. Munoz and I are addicted to Chokis and lately we buy those things by the dozen in the weird little stores here. They are just really yummy.

3. We did a lot of contacting this week because we need some more investigators. This is always interesting and I don't particularly enjoy it. Especially because with this change (transfer) I'm the contactor and only occassionally they can understand my beautiful raspy voice.. probably distracted by my gringa beauty.(Ha ha)

4. We have the baptism of BRENDA on Saturday! I'm so happy I could cry. Also we will see if we have changes. BOm bom bom booommm (that's that piano song that's supposed to be like... scary.. do you know what I'm talking about?)

Have a jolly good week and sorry this was not uplifting or spiritual in anyway. But I do know that God is always with us and literally wanting to help us at any moment. The most repeated phrase in the scriptures is 'Ask and Recieve.' So ask ya'll! Heavenly Father is just sitting there waiting.

Enjoy your carnival.

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