Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Bazingaaaa 3 meses down, 15 to go. Woot woot. I am a champ. It's bizarre for me to think that I actually have 3 months down cuz' sometimes I don't feel like the CCM counts. This equals, my mission is just going to fly by like it already is. Slow it down folks. I'll be seein' youuuuuu, in all the old familiar places. . . .(that's a song that I
just sang in my head.)

so. . Here are the answers to your quesitons for the week:
How are things going with Hermana Munoz? Oh my heavens folks! I ADORE Hna Munoz! We are newbies. She is from Mexico and only has 5 months in the mission. So We are just little babies learning together. It's interesting and I'm definitely growing a lot. I can't explain to you how bizarre it was to be the one in charge this week. Like I did all the planning, introducing, starting the lessons: TODOS! This is quite funny people cuz' in reality I have no clue what I'm doing still. But 'Fake it till you Make it ' right? And I actually think I did ok and my Spanish was  so bomb this week. Like none of it was correct, but basically everyone knew what I was trying to say. This is a miracle. Also it was quite interesting to understand everything that was going on. Hna. Munoz lived in Canada for 3 years so her English is perfect (besides the fact that she accidentally says swear-words sometimes....) But it's just odd to have a complete understanding of what happened when I didn't understand. I try really hard to make sure we speak more Spanish than English but I'm not gonna lie... at night it' s basically English... not just my fault, Hna Munoz said she has been wanting to practice her English more. SO I hope that that doesn't hinder my learning too much. But I got so many compliments on my Spanish this week! God knew what I needed. Hna Munoz is a little shy and so sweet; so I basically do most of the talking. But then it's so cool to see her teach cuz' she just takes off talking. BOOM. . The spirit is there. . And I still cant quite teach yet so we are good for each other.

How often will you see Hermana Cerrato. . when you say 'sister leader' is that like a zone leader or something? Is she a leader over your area/you still? We have 6 hermana leaders in our mission. 4 in Coban in 2 far away in Paten. Yeah, they are basically like zone leaders and just go on divisions with the sisters and all of that stuff. But Hna Cerrato is still in my district so I actually see her 2 times a week. Meetings and Pdays. It's good to see her! She was a good trainer.

Have you been teaching the cute new lady and her daughter this week? What are their names and how are things going with these investigators? Baptismal date set? Ha! AHHHH! YES! Aura is the MOm and Rosemeri is the daughter. We set a date with Rosemeri for AUG. 16! And she ACCEPTED! It was so cool cuz we brought a member who is a convert and I'm pretty sure if she wasn't there, she wouldn't have accepted it cuz she shared her testimony, then I did, and then Hna munoz... wow. I'm just so excited for them. It's a miracle. We have only had 2 lessons with them, but the spirit is always so strong with them and they were basically those people just born ready and just waiting to find the truth! It's so great! WE invited the mom too but she said she needed time to pray about it. Yeah we will get her on Wednesday I am positive.

What little things would be best for you to get in your next little package? I just really like Heath bars a lot......and uh.... yeah.... letters always make me jolly. 

What made you laugh this week? So interesting story actually, we are out contacting and find this house. WAHOOO! it's a Pastors house. After like quizzing us on our religion, he invites us in his house and starts showing us all these scriptures about how Christ was born in October and how Sunday is supposed to be Saturday... I donno why I thought it was so funny, but I was just laughing in my brain cuz'... well Hna. Munoz is really shy... and I cant speak Spanish so we just couldnt get out of the dang house until i said in my broken Spanish that we had another apt. It was really funny.... I'll keep you posted on that.

What was the miracle of the week? I definitely think our baptism was a huge miracle for us this week! AH! I'm so excited! Also remember Priscila with Parkinsons? I have been praying SO hard that she will let us back in her house to teach her but she is nevert here. SO we had her scheduled and I was just expecting her to not be there, Nope! She was sitting on the porch! OH my! I have missed her! We set a date with her too in AUG but she doesn't ever come to church gosh darnit!

How has your personal study helped you feel secure and peaceful this week? This week I learned more about our purpose here on earth and the importance of us to be tested. We are here on earth to gain experience so we can become like our Heavenly Father. How GREAT is that!? We get to be Gods one day. But that isn't possible with out going through trials. I am learning to say thank you for my trials at night. In the last day I want to have gone through so many trials that I'm a champ human and have truly become perfected through Christ. The rough times are blessing folks.

So i love my comp and my Spanish is getting better! Life is wonderful and I wish everyone had the opportunity to serve a mission! It sounds like you are all doing so good! I love reading your letters and new news in your lives! keep on being happy and get  a tan for me!

Hna Sorensen

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