Monday, June 30, 2014

Guat's Up? June 23, 2014

Hola hola hola!!!

 Hi Fam bam! How is your life in the good ole valley of Cache? Summer is just whipping by. (Is it really summer? My district leader sitting next to me said it snowed n utah last week. Why am I not surprised) Things are great here and   I had a good week. I was a little frustrated with sSanish as usual, but  I am learnnig that thsi  is my life so whateva. 

So listen up folks, cuz some drama went down here In Los Campos this week. Ok so last week me and Hna Cerrato were walking along to lunch and this lady comes runnng after us. 'Elders Elders!' And we were luck uhhh..... Hermanas? Anyways apparently she came to Coban from the capital looking for her cousin with her daughter and grandaughter and  have no idea what happened but they had no place to stay so out of the kindness of their hearts the people who feed us lunch let them stay there. They were not very polite and sort of were taking advantage of them. So after a week they politely asked them to leave. Holy hanna folks, Stuff went down! The Lady got Way MAD  and started to physically fight and hit one of the hermanas in the house. We are sitting in a lesson when we get this call and the mom is freakiing out. So we run our little legs over there and her face is all scratched up and the ladies are gone. It was odd. All I can say is God bless America. Cuz they tried to call the police but noone Knows the number for the police in Guatemala So... yeah. It was loca folks. Thats all. Ok moving on with life.  I'll answer your questions now!

So, chica. . do you have  running water. . and/or warm water?  What do you eat? Yeah  have running water but not for drinking. We buy this big tub of water here. And when investigators give me drinks I sneak in some water purifier they gave us just in case. If I put the shower juuuuussst right, I can have a warmish shower, but usually it's pretty chilly. But it's good cuz it wakes me up for study time. I only cook breakfast in our apartment. We have whatever. Eggs and beans, Pancakes, cereal... Usually one of those three. And also they have this stuff here called mush. Basically it is really watery oatmeal that is a drink and i LOVE that stuff. Im bringing home a whole suitcae full. 
Sometimes people give me drinks like peppermint tea but we always have a drink in almost all our visits. 
The weirdest thng I've had... hmmm.... Well I don't really know what she gave me but the other day a member gave me this drink that looked like mush... no. it. was. not. it was like corn squash pumpkin poop. I donno but it was really thick like mucus and I had to give myself a mental pep talk to get it down.
 I have't really missed much food from home but I have missed using utensils. WHen i get home my manners will be even worse if that Is possible because they eat EVERYTHING here with their hands... except soup.... and rice. So Yeah be prepared for that.

Which clothes are your favorite?  Are they cool enough?     The weather is kinda weird. it's never super hot. But in the mornings it's usually real warm and by the afternoon its a downpour of pyschoness. But I like the weather. it's usually pretty cool. My favorite clothes are my guat skirt I bought in the CCM cuz it's like denim and has pockets which is perfect and all of my short sleeve active basic shirts have been amazing. Oh and also my half undershirts have saved my life.

How is your hair holding up in the humidity?  Yeah I look like poopl everyday. The Humidity actually isn't horrid here.... but my hair is a little more frizzy but not bad. I just don't even care haha and literally Every. single. human. I talk to, even if its for thirty seconds comments on my hair. They are obsessed with it here. They love colchita canchas. But I am good on hair supplies. Probably soon i will just give up cuz by the afternoon all of my makeup and hair stuff is gone. I have a real zitty face... i'm just a pretty human being here, but noone knows I'm ugly cuz they never see gringas often so.... its good.

  Life is good and I'm learnnig a lot. I'm trying to apply happiness is a way of life, not a destination right now. There is no reason  I can't have the time of my life right now just cuz I cant speak! This morning we had an activity with our zone and we made pancakes and played Uno! WaHOO! I love humans.

Oh yeah duh! i had my first baptism.. haha this is why I am here and I almost forgot. But it was for the little boy Juan Carlos who can't understand me hahah. It was really special to see him go in the water (which was dirty... side note... we don't know why) And know that now he can be welcomed back home into God's kingdom. Oh it was so special! I'm excited to baptize the heck outta this place!

Love you all lots and I pray for you EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! thank you for your support. Its what keeps me going. 
Peace and blessings sugar pies.

Hna. Lexi

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