Monday, October 13, 2014

I Lost our Phone. . Pues, it was stolen. . but, SUPER week!

So this week went by SUPER FAST, but slow at the same time. I continue to adore my companion. I am really learning so much from her and we are working super hard and are doing AWESOME! 
Divisions and Little Children!
 My tiny miracles/tender mercies that I have found this week are that I am really learning to depend a lot more on the spirit. We read a lot in the scriptures about the authority of our calling and how really we can do amazing things with this power. Even just being a member of the church, we have authority to do things. I mean when we were baptized we took upon ourselves the name of our Savior. Holy hanna!  How powerful is that?   So, this week I tried really hard to listen to the spirit about WHERE and WHO we should talk to.  Lots of times I wasn't sure if it was just my own brain or the spirit speaking.  I read a scripture about how if we just open our mouths, the spirit will put the words there, but if we don't open our mouths and try,  our gifts will be taken away. I really tried to put that into practice and talk with everyone this week, and we really found more people who have potential!  Everyone needs to do this! Pray to get rid of your fear and let the spirit guide you!  
In some ways, this week was a little frustrating because Hna. Velarde and I felt like we have been working SUPER hard and we have been SUPER obedient, but we basically contacted new people the whole entire week. So towards the end of the week we were getting really discouraged. Well, we went to go visit this less-active brother, and he is the only member of the family. We went to share a short Mormom Message from Elder Uchtdorf,  and also Alma 27:26, to explain that if he could continue to be faithful, his family eventually would see his example. This message was definitely more for us. As I was telling the story of Ammon and his brothers before reading the scripture, the spirit testified to me that I just need to be patient. He really does have something planned for us. So we have been praying to be more grateful for what we do have. Prayer is so powerful. And who knows how this week will go, but I know that our attitudes will definitely be different.
What was the favorite cultural thing/ food/ habit/ activity clothing or thing about the country that you saw this week? Well the cortes are EVERYWHERE! But one thing I was thinking about telling you that they do here that is a little strange is that they all keep their dogs on their roofs.... I'm always afraid they are going to come flying  through the air and bite my head.
Today We went shopping in a Paca for me.. and only me... with Hna. Adair and Hna Cerrato... I think that they are feeling bad for me and my nunness... (Looking so stylin’ in my outfits.)  So yeah,  I bought like one outfit. But later we are going to get rings from the mission for 10 quetz! I will get you lovelies something. I bought the most lovely Guatemalan tie for my dear father the other day!. 
This week we had Zone Conference. It is ALWAYS AMAZING! One thing I LOVED that Presidente shared is that in the Book of Mormon they talk about A LOTof wars. There is almost always a war going on in this libro (book).   One thing I have never thought of is that today we are all in a war also; but our war is spiritual. When you look at all of the great leaders or people in the Book of Mormon,  they ALWAYS had a strategy to take on the enemy. He asked what we are doing to have a strategy and fight off Satan. That really hit me because Satan is so tricky with the people. Gah!  I wish I had the wisdom of Moroni or Helaman!
This week I also had divisions with Hna Adair. Quick story from our division. 1 I love that lady. I could talk with her all day long. 2. We went to visit these people and they would not stop talking to us. They ended up talking to us for THREE HOURS: I wanted to literally die. We kept trying to talk with them, but aye... they told us that they beieved that the Book of Mormon was written by animals and all of this other stuff that just made me want to stomp on their little Guatemalan toes!   So finally I just interrupted them, and told them we had another visit.  I asked them to pray and that I was going to have us pray,  and whoosh,  I ran away.
Any who,  life is lovely here in mission Los Campos. I love you all a lot! Have a jolly good week and take care!  Eat your veggies cuz we don't eat a lot here and I like that stuff.


A snake, Brenda and I in the rain. . . .

Elder and Sister Utt took us out to lunch.  :)

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