Monday, May 19, 2014

It's The Climb!

My beautiful people of CV and other people I enjoy who are not currently in that blessed place, HOLAAAAA presidente always teases me that hola is my favorite word... and it is... ) Any who I just had another amazing week here in my little corner of the world. I just love my life. Next week I willbe in COBAN. Put your hands n the air like you just don't care cuz I'm STOKED!! And also horrified. Pray for me people. THis is a big deal. Thank you for all your letters I love you all immensely Now for your questionsssssss:

How is your music collection? What are you listening to?

Alright so basically this will come to a big shock to you when I say that I am the walking radio around this joint. My beautiful words and whistling fills these halls and brings people to covering their ears. Just kidding, but I really do sing all the time. They took away anyone who had cd or ipods with our cameras because there was an issue... dummies. BUt yeah we just sing to ourselves all the time. SOmetimes there is music in the hall. And we always sing Spanish hymns which is pretty fun to continue practicing!

Grandpa Sorensen sent a question in .. Who have you talked to about the Savior this week? What special conversation have you had? Woooowww. Every thing we do is so centered around the savior. I LOVE it. The other day we had a cool experience with one of your investigators and we talked about the atonement with him. It was really special to feel the spirit of the fact that christ suffered for us and wants for us SO badly to return to him. Another cool conversation I had about the savior was In our RS meeting. We were talking about all that the atonement does for us and all the comfort
and peace it brings. One thing I never realized was the STRENGTH it gives us. I don't very often think of drawing strength off of the atonement and that changed my outlook of my whole week! It was really

What special experience have you had this week while teaching? Any specific 'Ahaa!' moments? So apparently the peole here thought our district was prepared enough to start teaching 2 new investigators
that are toughies. Well that is a funny joke because perhaps my companions and the elders are prepared for this but Hna Sorensen over here is a a bit skeptical. Anyways, one of them is an evangelist...
I'm very lucky to be learning about this in the CCM/uhh.... i have no idea what I am doing. But I am learning A TON about how important having the proper authority is which is real cool. I just love the
church. It's hard though cuz Ricardo loves his bible... and i don't know scriputres super well but wahooooo! I'm learning!

What touched you from your scripture study this week? So I had a really cool experience this week where I have been freaking out about going out in the field so I have been praying to know how I can better prepare myself and have faith I can do it. Good ole Hno. Sian.. I love that guy, he has us go to the CHrist like attributes section of PMG and read all the scriptures, they were all about faith. Then he said that we just need to act like we can till we can. That is rough when you speak about 1 oz of Spanish but I'm going to do it anyways because I am cool like that and also I believe Hno Sian will be a general authority one day so i should probz listen to him.

How have things changed and will they change since this is about your
last week in the CCM? Are you teaching two investigators a day now?
Yes we teach 2 investigators plus this thing called Missionary/missionary which is when we teach each other as investigators. so we prepare 3 lessons a day. Also we have this thingcalled CRE which is when we teach a less active once a week. This week is 'polishing' week as Hna Garcia say(side note I also adore her) anyways so they are just giving us a lot of feedback and we are doing a LOT of Spanish aaahhhhhhhh! I love it. Also we are having safetyu classes and health classes. NO prob bob I’m ready.

Which situation has been the most difficult to deal with in your lessons? I wanna say Spanish but honestly If i would humble myself enough to trust in God, Stop thinking and just listen, I know he would fill my mouth. It's hard fpr ,me to just shut my brain off and try and listen but I do think I am getting better!@ And when I do it's amazing cuz the spirit really does say what needs to be said.

WAHOOOOO! I got the package on Thursayd and I have never been so happy! It came on a good day cuz’ I was kinda down. The only way I can describe it is, it's hard. It's just discouraging because I have such a want to be such a great missionary but I'm relying too much on my own
abilities. And I really do thank God every night for these trials though because I wouldn't learn any other way. I have also been really blessed to have a good attitude and I always tell myself to fake it till I make it. I’m a little stressed about next week cuz’ a lot of time the things that get me through is laughing with my companions cuz I love them a lot so I hope I get a good trainer and also that I willbe more confident to just try. But i have faith that things will be good!

On other news last week we went to this central market in the city...i about peed my pants and I am happy my mission is jungle not city. But it was really pretty! I love all the colors and it was so phone.
Also dad I took money out of the bank for the trip so don't be concerned. And if you guys want to hear a good song go look up the olive tree. They are singing it for the rededication here which is the
day after we leave. bummer eh? OH yeah! And next week i probablywon't email you because I am leaving this slice of the celestial kingdom to go to the most beautiful place in the world. YAY> don't be
too saddened. Ok I really love you a lot and thank you SOOOO Much for the package! I am so lucky and everyone was jealous which made me feel bad but then i shared skittles and they loved you guys just as much! Pray for me this week as i get ready to go! ‘Im gonna need it! I
love you all and think of you every second! peace and blessings amigosss

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