Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cuz I'm Happppyyyyyyy

First - post titles are Lexi's email subjects.

Second - I started going through and putting spaces between words (I'm 90% sure the space button was the one malfunctioning this week) but then I got tired of it...so you get to read it straight from her!!

Third - She sounds good! It makes my heart miss her a little less knowing she is doing so well!!

Fourth - Ask me how stoked I am to talk to her on Saturday?!?!!! I might cry!


HOlllllaaaa! What up fam bam! Let me start off by saying being a missionary is the happiest thing I have ever done in my life! tHAT IS all. Any whooo thank you for the questions so this letter will not be so scattered brained. it makes it a lot easier cuz email time is my most stressful hour of the week due to all I have to share!
Questions for the week:
1.  What is your daily schedule like?
So my Schedule is basically 16 hours in a classroom every day. I wake up at 630 obviously, 15 minutes
study time, exercise outside which consists of four square every day. And I make my companeras run 3 laps. They are good to me. Then we get ready. I try to get ready as fast as I can so I can go study some extra spanish out in the hall since I lack in that department. After that we have breakfast, language study till about 10 or 1030 then we usually have grammer class. I have to mentally prepare myself for grammer class every day and tell myself I can do it cuz it's rough and lots of times our teachers have us go practice on the latinas.... Im a gomer but its pretty hysterical and I love to make people laugh so all is well. Then we have lunch, Teach our first investigator,  learn how to teach some more lessons out of PMG and then teach our other investigator, do some more language study annnndddd yeah. Dinner, More lesson demonstrations, some coaching study where our teachers help us to improve then planning for tomorrow/district meeting. Also they always give us little extra homework to do....ask me if i have time for taht cuz the answer is no. But I ADORE all my teachers. They are hysterical and every day I just laugh 24/7. Ugh it's so great. I'm learning so much. And I know God is helping me to not get discouraged cuz I seriously have never been so happy in my life. Oh also every night all the girls in our hall have orracion. Which is when we all go and sing song and pray together and just love each other. It's so great.  YEs, all of this is ALWAYS in 100% spanish. I love it.

2.  What do you eat at the CCM?  Is it still like Elements to you?
OH my yes picture elements times 100! We get it all! It is so good! Sometimes we will have some guatemalan traditional yummy food and other times it's like devineasian. I don't even know but it'sso good! ME and Herm. Klindt are trying to split at least once a day so we don't get fat. It's insane. On a side note, there are so few people here right now that the boys and girls only take up 2 tables in the lunch room. It's bizarre.
3.  What is your exercise routine?
So we are required to run 2 laps everyday but like I said I make my companions run at least 3, I would do more but you gotta stick together. After that we usually play four square with the Elders. People, 4 square is the bomb. Play it and be happy. I will dominate when I get home.

4.  What is the best miracle that happened this week?
Wow we had the coolest experience with the elders in our district (They are likemy brothers btw, I ladore them.)Anyways, they wen't up to teach one of our investigators and were pulled out because this guy was by the temple or something and was talking about how he was going to commit suicide and just felt so down aboutlife and someone brought hime to the CCM because it was just around the corner. It was cool because there are so many people here who already speak spanish but our elders were teh only ones who have been here long enought to know how to teach. I doonno it wasso cool. Me an my companionshad a prayer for them and I just sat there and bawled because It'sso cool what we are doing! 2 lessonslater he is already going to get baptized. It'samazing. At first I thought It was fake but it's real! I'm so proud ofthem! But really there are miracles everyday. God helps me so much in lessons to speak. Even if it is chopped spanish.

5.  Tell me about one special person and what makes them this way?
 I can't even begin because beingin the CCMis likeseeing peoplein the temple. IT'slike a little slice of heaven.But I thinkg one of my favorite people in this moment is one ofmy teachers Hermano Sian. I is so led by the spirit and helps me so much to rely on God and give me scriptures. UGh he'sso cool. And he's so mellow and funny. Ah I jsut adore him! Also Presidente and Hermana CoxAremy BFFS Wow FHEevery sunday. Ive never been so motivated. I LOVE Them!

6.  What dumb thing did you do this week to make me laugh?
Ahsahahhahaha familia Everyone makes fun of me everyday! Presidente always laughs at me because I always sing" Holllaaaaaaaa" So do the Latinos but I'm happy so whateva. Also I'mloud spreading joy. All ofmy lessons Me and Hermana Klindt just laugh hysterically because I try (So god will bless me cuz i always try) Buy my cavewoman spanishis strong.  Also thelatinasmake fun ofme. Oh and  I really enjoy flippingmy teeth at people.
It seriously is themost amazing thingbeing here. I can really feel your prayers everyday and they give me strength. I never knew what people meant when they said that but it'sso true! Also I pray for you all everynight cuz I miss you like nobodies business! annnnnnnnd also don't forget we get to chat this week! |ONLY 10 MINUTES obedience with exactness so be thinking ofwhat you wanna ask or say so we don't go over. but they celebrate mothers day on May 10 here so it will be saturday and you guys are supposed to call me at 10 guatemala time which is the same there so I donno why i said that lololololol. Any ways. They said keep trying if it doesn't work.  Ok I just double checked that but yes 10 o clock folks and you can here my lovely voice. Chiste I can't wait to hear all of you! Love you! Keep being rad.

LOOOOVVE< Hermana S.

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