Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We All Laugh In The Same Language

Lexi emailed me today and said that writing letters may be more effective than writing on Dear Elder and having it delivered to her. She said that she gets them a week after we write them, so if we want her to receive something sooner, write her a letter!

Her MTC address is:

Enough from me, here's Lex....

Wowie wowo wowza i wish I could tell you everysingle stinkin thing that happened this week cuz it was so GREAT. But unfortunately they shove about a month into a week then give us an hour to write. Also let me apologize in advance for my grammer again because this week the enter key doesn't not work. It buggsss. Alrighty. So I had the greatest week here! Ugh life is so wonderful! I have the most amazing teachers and hilarious companions! i literally cry from laughter everyday! So I've been really struggling with the language and both my companions are BOMB at it. Like they need no practice and I just sit there in lessons like Uhhhhhhhh.... and try to be led by the spirit with what to say. But I have what I like to call cavewoman spanish aka most of what I say comes out as Reading you....scripture please. Or when I talk to the latinas it's somthing like when..... the sky.... i mean..... house.... walking to the dooor is fun on saturday. So yeah... we are working on it. Much laughter people that's what it provides. really I am tricking everyone and I'm pro at spanish. I just want to bring people laughter. Youre welcome CCM. So My companions are Hilarious. Hermana Hansen is the most straight up honest person I Have ever met which is weird cuz when you first meet her all that comes to mind is a little delicate flower. Yeah no, last week we were teaching our investigator. Her husband has been cheating on her an he came in in the middle of the lesson and they just started arguing. So me and
Hermanan Klindt are trying to bring the spirit and calm everything down and Hermana hansen just goes in english, [I can't feel the spirit and we need to pray right now.- In the most sassy voice ever. Oh my It
took all that was in me not to laugh we are just like um oooookk......Any ways or the other day we were in the bathroom and she gets all serious ans goes hermanaasssss.... I think I ahve a rash on my belly. It's jsut funny. It's just very funny. This week as I ahve been struggling with the language I have also been realizing of my HUGE Love for the latin people. Oh my they are so funny. I'll never be able
to teach a stinkin lesson cuz all they do is make me laugh. On Thursday we did a teaching practice and 2 elders taugh me and Herm. Klindt and then we taught them. They asked what our biggest problem
was and I said espanol. So one of them started talking really slow and loud like you would to a deaf person and said if you have faith in christ then he will help you, but faith without works is dead. And
then they started making jokes and we just laughed our brains out. That's basically how it is whenever I am around them I jsut laugh and laugh. The other night we were sitting by them at dinner and I flipped
my teeth at them. I had tears streaming down my face. Oh it was so hilarious they are like you are crazy. That is so creepy! They are just so funny and nice and helpful. Ugh I just love them! Today they
all left. Ask me if i cried cuz the answer is dang straigh I was bawling and I've only known these people for 2 weeks! holy hanna I can bear such a testimony of how you don't need to know a language to love people. We just hugged and they would say somthing to me and spanish and I just hugged them back and cried cuz i donno what they are saying! but I know I will see them in heaven cuz we are best friends! Also all of the old nortes are leaving which is quite depressing. THis week we also had a general authourity come and speak to us which was SO GREAT! We just listen with our little translators and take notes up front. Oh it was so motivating! i want to be a great missionary! I'm so excited to get out in the field and hopefully touch people with my spirit until I can actually communicate. I love it here SO Much. Everyone should go on a mission. Especially to Guatemala cuz the CCM here is teh best for these reasons. 1. We are teh only MTC that has snack time everysingle day. woot woot. 2. Everysunday we have alittle family home evening devotional with all the nortes in the presidents and his wifes apartement and they make us brownies and they are like our mom and dad. 3. The latinas are hilarious. 4. We get to go to the temple every week. 5. We get to call home on mothers day!! wahoo! Ill tell you more when I know! 10 minutes only though! gotta follow the
rules so i can get those blessings! I love and miss you all a lot! sorry again for the rough email.Oh yeah tell grammy bevvy happy birthday! I was thinking of ther yesterday! And nessa I got you the coolest wallet. It reminded me of you with all the happy colors! I love and miss you! Thank youf or your prayers and all you do! xoxoxoox

Hermana Sorensen

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