Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday, April 15

Today Lexi left for her mission.

We met at Mom and Dad's for a home  cooked breakfast of over easy eggs, bacon, orange juice, and chocolate chip pancakes.
Afterwards we all took turns sitting in Lexi's room working on getting everything packed.
Lenny Bug decided she wanted to visit Guatemala with Aunt Lexi, too!

Around 12:30 we left home and headed to Salt Lake. Lexi felt sick and we were worried she was going to have the 24 hour flu that has been going around. Luckily, we stopped in Centerville and had some Chickfila and she felt better. It was definitely just nerves!

When we got to the airport, Ness helped Lexi roll her suitcases in. We followed behind, not wanting to accept that we were about to leave without Lex. As we were going to check her bags, I passed a father and his daughter talking by the escalator. I overheard him telling her "When you get to Guatemala..." and I jumped for joy! Lexi had been worried she was going to have to fly all the way there by herself. I ran over to her and pointed to the girl, "Lex!!! She's going to Guatemala too!!!!" Lexi felt relieved. Then, after checking the bags and taking pictures, we noticed there was anotehr girl, in a skirt, surrounded by family members. Well heck! She must be going to Guatemala too!!! Suddenly, (after we'd been pointing and staring...awkward) her father came over and asked Lexi what her name was and if she was going to Guatemala! She said yes and ironically, the girl had gone to BYU-I and Liz had sent a letter with her to give the Lexi. Her name was Sister Klindt. She was not serving in the same mission as Lexi, but at least they would be able to fly to LA, endure the 6 hour layover and then fly to Guatemala together!
We got acquainted with their family a bit and then headed over by the baggage claim to wait a little while longer.
Lennyn loved looking at all the screens, the lights and the baggage claim. She just smiled to herself the whole time. We talked about how we'd be standing right here 'next year' to pick her up, and how she was only going to miss 1 of everything. One Christmas, one birthday....how lucky!  We were playing a waiting game...wait til Hermana Klindt leaves, leave at 3:30...and then Hermana Klindt and her family started to make her way up the escalator to security. We decided to follow.
We all cried and hugged Lexi one last time. I was so proud of how calm and confident she was.
We watched as she made it through security.
We waited in Bountiful until her flight took off.
We watched the flight on Dad's phone until it landed in LA.
*Tangent* When her flight landed, all of our phones switched to California time (insert Twilight Zone theme song here) It was way weird!!!
She called Mom and Dad from LAX and told them she made it ok and that they were coloring away!
Mom and Dad text us the next morning to let us know that she made it to Guatemala safely.
We can't wait to hear from her!!

Fun Facts: Guatemala is about the size of Kentucky. (Smaller than Utah)
 Guatemala is also in the same time zone as us!

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