Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lexi's First Day in Guatemala!

What up familia!
I am officially here in guatemala. And I only have 5 minutes but I basically just had the longest day of my life. We got here at 5>30 and i cant freakin figure out this keyboard so sorry mom. \you gotta deal with the grammer errors.
I-m in a threesome companionship. My first companion is Hermana Klindt that we met at the airport and I adore her. My other companion is from Washington and her name is Hermana Hansen. She is kinda ditzy and get frustrated easy which is a bad combination. We just had to run up to our room twice cuz she forgot her password. But she has the sweetest little voice in the world and likes boys a lot so it makes for great entertainment. I think we will have a jolly good time.
Our district name is Isaiah and we have us three and then 2 other elders who flew in with us. One of them is 18 and graduated in January to come here from South Dakota. The other is 23 from Texas named Elder Oroscow and his birthday is today. He is 23 and was just converted 2 years ago,
Everyone here is over the top nice when we got here this morning all of the sisters came in and wlecomed us. There are about 20 hermanas from north america here and 20 elders. And a lot of them are leaving in a 2 weeks. The rest are all latina so we are definitely the minority. Spanish nonstop yo. I love it. Already I am getting better. They call us Northies here. Because American is offensive to them.
Oh and also the food is divine. We are talkin elements here people. Like delightful. oh noooooooo.......
Thank you for the nice notes. I have the best family.
I am a zombie and cannot function. We did get a 1 hour nap but I didn't sleep much on the plane and it has been a very filling day. I will pass out and be ahppy then people will maybe find out im not such a grump. or not cuz i don't speak espanol.
also our president and our wife are SOOOOOO nice. They are from Cali.
My teachers name is Hermana Garcia and I LOVE her. She is hilarious.  Everyone is sososoososoo nice and happy that there is no way that i will ever feel sad here. Being a missionary is da best.
Also I got my name tag today. HOLLA.
Okkkkk sorry this is so scattered. But yeah I'm alive aside from me being in a walking coma.
You guys da best of da best,

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