Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Email Numero Dos!!!! - One Week DOWN!!!

It was so good to hear from Lexi. Although I'm not sure she has received any of my emails, I'm glad she is busy and happy!

One of the couple missionaries sent my mom an email and this picture. Lookin' good, Yuck!!

Mom said that Lexi will be sending her emails around 12:30 every Tuesday!!!

Anywho, enough from me, here's Hermana Sorensen's letter...

What up all of my pretty family!
Ok so welcome to the longest week of my whole entire life. Holy hanna I feel like I have been here forever! Aye Aye aye.
First off let me tell you something about the Guatemala MTC, I got here at 5.30 in the morning and was expecting to have a little like intro or welcome or this is the mission life and how to be a missonary. No. They just throw you right in. Good luck! I hope you figure it out! By the second day you are already teaching lessons in 100% spanish and it|s only the second week and tomorrow we are already having and english fast. AKA Hermana Sorensen is having a talking fast because No hable espanol. For real though, I came to the realization the other day that since I'm the worst at spanish in my district, and we are the newest district, I am the worst in la CCM. Whoopsy. Waitin for that gift of tongues.
Literally everywhere we go is all spanish. During lunch we sit across from all the latinas, only latinas because we are not allowed to talk to the elders in the lunch room. But It\s SO much fun. They help with our spanish, I have no clue what they are saying and basically we just laugh our brains out. Oh my, I stinkin love it! Everyone here is like a celestial being. It makes me want to cry because everyone is so nice and happy. Ugh, being a missionary is the best! It's so weird because it litterally is the hardest thing Ive ever had to do because I can't speak and I don't know what\s going one or really how to teach. But you always have a special spirit with you. I don't really know how to descirbe it except I wake up everymorning kinda discouraged and sad but I go to bed everynight more happy than I have ever been in my life. It\s so fun!
So I am in a trio. Mi companeras are Hermana Hansen and Hermana Klindt. Being in a trio is REALLY hard. Especially when teaching investigators becuase we have 3 people trying to contribute and it's hard to simplify. But we will get it eventually.I think our biggest problem when we go to teach is we get so nervous and freaked out about our spanish, it\s really hard for the spirit to be there to testify. So I've been praying for us to be calm .
So my awkward\funny story of the week for you is me and our district were all sitting in our room learning about something in spanish and our teacher Hermana Garcia said something really fast and I was like holy shiz. And I freaked out. I slapped my hand over my mouth and everyone all looked at me. Oh my heck I wish I could describe to you how embarrassing it was. Luckily our district is centered around love and everyone forgave me. 
So we have a morning and a night teacher. Our morning teacher is Hermana Garcia and I absolutely adore her! She served a mission in San Diego and she is HILARIOUS. She is super expressive. I know Heavenly Father sent me to this MTC just to I could learn from her! She has helped to answer so many of my prayers and I know I'm gonna be a bomb misionary because of what she teaches me. She has taught me a lot about how the language doesn't teach or convert people, the spirit does. One of the days she had us all go in a room and bear our testimonies in spanish. I literally have NO clue what anyone said but everyone was bawling. It was so powerful. There has been a lot of those experiences where I can't understand, but I can feel the spirit. It's really really cool. I seriously love being a misionary.
I have not gotten sick yet. But right now there are about 20 Nortes in la CCM and more than half of them have been puking and super sick these past three days. I litterally am in a hospital people it's insane. I have been drinking silver shield and putting on Guardian out the wazoo and have felt fine. Herm. Hansen mocks my oils cuz her dad is a paramedice. Guess who got sick and I didn't. They must work.
My thought for you today is about the book of mormon. Our investigators name is EDuardo and we thought it would be a good idea to teach him about the Book Of Mormon. So I was reading in preach my gospel, and I had never realized that the reason the BOM is so correct and purte and wonderful, is because it was buried in the ground. Like it is so significant that the plates where buried because during the apostosy is when all the false doctrine was brought into the bible and all the other churches. So when Joseph Smith got those plates out of the ground they were 100% untarnished. Isn't that cool! 
Anywho I could talk all day about the amazingness of the gospel and how special it is to be here, but just know it's super hard and super great and I can't imagine doing anything better right now in my life.
I Lalalaalovvvve you guys!
hasta Luego!
By the way lo siento for my bad grammer. The Keyboards here are super weird and I don't have much time.  I promise i am literate.
Ok bye.
Hermana Sorensen

Haha I looked so awkward in that picture. But I want to cry when I see Hermana Pitcher cuz It reminds me of you guys. 

So we have Pdays on tuesday and we get to go to the temple every tuesday. Wahoo! It\s great.
Everymorning we have sports and play 4 square. It;s hilarious and so much fun
Basically the mornings are dedicated to personal study, grammer lessons, and just learning how to be amisisonary, then we have lunch with the latinas and it's required for them to sit across from us which is actually really fun cuz they are super understanding and willing to help us learn and they are way funny.
The weather is really nice here but I actually wouldn't know cuz we are inside allday except in the morning when it is pretty chilly for sports.
Our nights are all about preparing for our investigator and teaching him the lesson, then we usually have another lesson and planning for the next day.
My night teacher is Hermano SIan and he is this super short man and he is very calm, cool and collected. Which is just perfect because before and after all our lessons us three are INSANE so he helps us to calm down Yesterday we were really stressed out about it before we went in and he showed us that scripture in first nephi about going and doing and god will provide away if you go and do. Oh my it helped me so much mom because I have been so frustrated that my spanish is so bad. I  have such a hard time communicating. I really am the worst one haha. Bu thats ok because I don't have to teach in korean! So lets focus on that.
But after reading that I just realized God sent me here for a reason and he is going to provide for me to make it through and learn, even if it takes the whole 18 months! I'm learning patience.
On sunday we had a devotional and listened to a talk by Elder Hollan and he talked about how Salvation doesn't come cheap or easy and  thats why it's so hard it wasn never easy for christ so why would it be easy for us. Ok my time got cut short cuz of lunchy. boooo love you lots and i think about you lots
thank you so much for the kind notes and candy. LOVE YOU ALL>

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