Tuesday, May 5, 2015

10 Things I Love About Me!

May 4, 2015

I love Hermana Gomez!
I am very sorry. I was a little bit of an emotional mess last week. Also as a missionary and when I'm writing you guys, I always struggle to find the line. My whole life right now is just listening to people's lives and trying to pull something out of thin air to help them. I have found it is really hard and I'm actually not that good at it cuz' my answer to everything is just... uh... pray. haha But that is ok cuz I am cute. But sorry if I gave you a little cincho. Emails are always a little awkward cuz I just can't really get my message across cuz I'm a spaz. You know me.   

So, Mom, since in our last exchange we talked about how we need to be positive about ourselves. . .aka, you mother need to be positive about yourself. . .  I like this request that I write10 things about me, and since you did it first, just let me tell you:

1. I am hilarious. #sorrynotsorry 2. my curly blonde hair. 3 I am always trying to better myself  4. I want to be like Christ, and even If I'm not always like Him, I have the desires, 5. I am a representative of Jesus Christ (MY FAVORITE) 6. I make people feel good whereever I am. 7. I have a strong testimony of this gospel and I show it through my actions. ( not my words cuz I struggle with that) 8. I'm a leader 9. I love my family 10. I am motivated.

That was fun. I liked it. Thank you mother. I think that is good to do. Everyone do it.  Also I will be using it because this week E. Alonso from the 70 is coming to talk to us as a mission and us alone as leaders. I know we will be getting a little burn from him... awkward. And I will probably feel like a poop missionary afterward. But also, more motivated to be better! After all he is a 70.

This week was good! Sad at first, but much better after Hna Gomez got here

Who did you serve this week and how? This week we went and chopped some grass for a little family. They were just sitting outside and the little boy had this big huge machete and was just going at it. He was probably about 5. It was so cute. He was just all bent over in his jeans which were WAY to big for him and his little booty was hanging out. Haha. So we asked them if we could help. At first they were hesitant, but after we convinced the,  cuz I told them I wanted to learn so I could do it in the U.S. (ps no.. its hard. Thank goodness for lawn mowers) 

Are you still visiting that man whose wife was in bed drinking from a bottle? Well sad news. His wife died and we went to go and visit him again. It was a really special lesson because we explained where his wife was and how happy she was. He was happy to hear it but also told us he couldn't stay here in Peten because everything reminded him of her. So he is now in the capitol. But we passed the reference there and hopefully the missionaries there are on the it.

How was your first week with the new companion? I LOVE HNA GOMEZ! She is teaching me a lot about the love for chiles. I will be a chili eating fool when I get home. WAHOO: And eat a lot of your hot horse radish mother. But we just laughed our brains out all week. She is super fiesty and just says what she wants which I love... kinda like grandpa Ray. But we balance each other out well and she is a very good missionary.

What is the favorite scripture of the week? This week I read about Abinidi. Heck I love that man! He spoke with such POWER. He really was so sure of himself and his mission. He was so focused on Christ and his mission that nothing else matters. I put some goals this week of how I can be more consecrated like him.

What made you laugh this week? We had a lesson this week with a sister named Maricruz. She just had her grandpa die and we were visiting her for the 1st time. Well we were just about to finish the lesson when her little boy (about 2) comes running in completely naked, sits down on the ground and just poops in the middle of the floor. The sister was SO embarrassed but I couldn;t stop laughing. Heck it was hilarious. It stunk so bad I couldn't even breathe... but it was funny. Like you said mom, We "Dearly love to laugh"!  BAHAHAHA.

All I can say Is, I love this work so much! We saw miracles and the clouds came this week! Not too hot! But it's back again today. Either way I was happy.

I am sad to hear about Josh Ringo I will keep his family in my prayers. He was a good kid and always made me laugh.

Thanks for the support! So excited to meet and hopefullhear baby Stephens on Sunday! Love you all! 

Hna Sorensen

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