Monday, April 27, 2015

We Love Peten!

My favorite part of the week was learning how to make empanadas. Like 3 times a week this Evangelist church is always selling these delicious empanadas from these cute old ladies. We are best friends and they love me. So one day one of them asked if I wanted to learn how to make them and last Saturday we went to her house and learned. Love sees no religion. haha

Also,  Hna Faught's last lesson with our favorite investigator,Jorge Mario. He bought us a whole pizza to say goodbye to her! But is was soooo funny because one of the members we brought said 'oh! That is so nice to buy to say goodbye to Hna Fuaght!' And he just says 'whos's Hna Faught?' He can't ever remember our English names!

Mom asked for my favorite scripture of the week, so I will answer all her questions, because I love her.  I loved 2 nefi 1 :15 this week  "But behold, the Lord hath redeemed my soul from hell; I have beheld his glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love." I  realize what I sinner I am sometimes and God really has saved me from hell... how beautiful to think that we are always encircled in his arms.  Also, one day we went and taught one of our investigators about the restoration! She was so mesmerized and excited to hear that we have a prophet on the earth today!   This week we had interviews with Pres. and Hna Curtiss. We were talking about the attributes of Christ. (right now I am working on Charity.. no matter what happens I always find myself coming back to that one....) I just got started to thinking the only way we can ever really know our Savior is when we are not only studying about him and getting to know him, but really striving to be more like him. I can feel myself becoming nearer to him when I make changes in my life.

It is soooo hot, but we are dealing with it by putting on sunscreen and fanning  with folletos.... and walking in the shade.. haha  So you ask what was the best and worst thing that happened this week.  The worst thing that happened is this week, we were basically swimming we were sweating so much, but we did A LOT of contacting. Yesterday Jorge Mario was the only house we entered... even the members were gone. I felt sad that Hna Faught had to end her mission on a sad day like that.  To describe the last week with my dear Hermana Faught:  Really depressing. I was so ready for the week to be over. But sad a la vez because I knew I would miss her a lot!  So, I had a roughish week but also, always good! We did  lots of contacting and I was pretty anxious cuz I knew Tiana was getting home. Well that was fine, but today I had to say goodbye to Hna Faught and I just cried my eyeballs out! It was reeeaaalllyyy embarrasssing but I just am getting so sad of saying goodbye to people I love. And as the STL,  we had all these other sisters in our house for changes.   I just got them busy and started them playing janga while I went to the bathroom and cried cuz my heart hurt from missing Hna Faught, and Tiana and  you  and Liz and my sisters. Ugh. But I did what you said, and turned it around!  I prayed to stop looking at myself and serve all the cute missionaries in our little room and I taught them some games and we laughed and I just was happy to be in the moment! But it was sad for a second. But now I am good!

Hna Gomez from Mexico is my new companion and she was with Hna. Faught for 6 months.  She is SO CUTE! I am way stoked to be with her. Plus I will improve my Spanish!

 What are you looking forward to? Elder. Alonso from the Area Presidency is coming down to talk to our mission! I AM SO EXCITED! I know he will give this mission the motivation we need to see more success.

 How is the area and the apartment that you live in?  Area... hot... Apartment... small but I can't complain because we have a big fridge and I find myself frequently shoving my head in the freezer when we come home to fill up our waterbottles. We are renting a room so we have 2 room things next to us... I will have to take pictures. But one of the rooms is of our Dueno (Landlord) and he always sits out front with his shirt off and pants unzipped... whenever we have a problem and have to talk to him about it, he blames it on me....

One of the biggest problems I see with the sisters we help out is a lack of self confidence. It is pretty depressing. Here we have the cutest girls in the world! Just sharing the gospel but Satan is just so smart and always whispering things in there ear. It is hard because I know that it really prevents them from reaching their full potential

 Best advice for someone preparing for a mission?  BE OBEDIENT! Obedience brings blessings. No matter how stupid the rules may sound they are for your good and if you follow every single little one, you will see miracles.

Love you all!

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