Monday, July 13, 2015

. . .and the work goes on!

 . .and the work goes on!
Heyyooo motha!
Thank you for your 'happy person ideas.' I just wrote them in my agenda so I can start to put them in practice. I have been writing everyday in my gratitude journal from Grandma Bev. It's fun! I think of her every day when I do it and it kinda is part of my routine now.1. plan 2. area book. 3. pray together. 4. write what happened on my calendar we made. (I remember you telling me one of your friends did that or something?) I’ve been doing it my whole mission cuz sometimes im lazy with my journal. 5. I do the gratitude journal. But I also am a slacker with the service thing. I will do better at it too. But mom, I think you are good at that! I remember a lot of times you taking us when we were little to go and visit old people and widows in the ward. You are a champ.
Those questions are a little hard this week... however I will do my best to answer them.
Questions of the week;  Share your favorite thing you see as you walk down the street in the morning in Guatemala that you will never forget.  (Sight, smell, taste, touch. .  ) My favorite thing I see when I walk down the street in Guatemala is the Q'eqchi people (Or anybody... but it's cooler when they have their corte skirts...) walking down the street with a giant bucket of maiz on their head to go and make tortillas. I don't know if I have mentioned but the corn tortillas are life here. Every meal they eat them. So every corner sells them every day. They just stand around the little oven thingy and tortilla all. day. long. I have learned a few times but I'm not very good at it. But that is definitely the best. Their necks have gotta be so strong cuz' I would die. those things are heavy.
What was the most inspirational topic/item that you got from your personal study this week? Hmmm.... Well, this week I have been focusing my studies on the Priesthood. How we have it, the keys, what we can do with it... etc. I started studying and really I just have about 3 pages of MORE questions about the priesthood. ITS SO AMAZING! We literally have the power of God here on the Earth. It just hit me that we literally have the capacity to perform the same miracles that Christ performed.  
What has Hermana Gomez taught you? Let me tell you something about Hna. Gomez-she is like a walking Bible. Seriously she knows EVERYTHING about the gospel. The 3 pages I had of questions about the priesthood I thought would never be answered, but that lady just whips out her bible and I feel like I am in a personal study session with an apostle. But she really helps motivate me to not only learn and apply the gospel in my life, but really study it and know it.
 What has your mission president taught you?  President Curtiss is probably one of the most patient and loving people I have ever met. But something that I have been learning from him and Hna. Curtiss lately is the importance for us to never act tired. Just always be happy. Trust in the promise that God will give us the energy. It's hard to live the gospel and obviously we will be tired, but we don't need to show it! Christ never did. So these past couple of weeks when my feet don't want to walk more or the sun is attacking me and I just want five seconds to breathe before starting a lesson, I try not to show it.
What did you do this week that stands out and makes it different from the other parts of your mission? This week we did 3 divisions in 1 week. We stayed 2 days in Poptun and we slept on the floor. It was surprisingly comfortable. Also, on one of the divisions I was in we went to go visit a family for the first time. We were finishing up and the hermana I was with started to do the invitation to baptism. 'Seguiran el ejemplo de Jesucristo y.... Bleeeeee....' She puked right on their dirt floor. I did not quite know what to do with myself so I just awkwardly patted her back while everyone watched and our member almost joined her. Sooo... we put a return visit and she went home and slept. However, It was something that has never happened to me before!
 I have a question actually, There is this less active lady here who loves the heck out of me. She has been trying to sell this hammock that is GIGANTIC and SUPER cool and never been used. It is 1200 quetzales. But The other day we went there and she gave me a big hug and said her kids wanted to buy it for me cuz they were grateful we had found her. She said I would just have to pay 400 quetzales and then I called the mail people of the mission and they said they could mail it for probably 400 quetz also. So.... I donno if You guys could put money in my account for that or... how you feel about that like if its a good idea? I hate to go through the trouble but I feel like it would be mean to reject the gift and also ... it's really cool haha. Let me know
The church is true and the BOM is the best.


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