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Hello family! How are you all doing? It sounds like everyone is having a lovely February and continuing onward in life sooo... keep on keepin' on lovelies.

I had a very wonderful and insane psycho week. I am currently writing you in Coban. We woke up at 2.30 to come here for consilio tomorrow. aka ...When the ZL's and STL's all talk about how we can make the mission a mission of champions and after we have a giant feast. I know you are all wondering so I will just tell you, Yes, I am excited. Apparently it is super spiritual and fun and lovely. (Besides the 2.30 fact but, sacrifices brings blessings yes?)

Did you get your shoes etc. package yet? YESSSSS! They were happily waiting for me on the bus at 2.30 a. .m.  The Bus was not to happy with my shouts of joy, but then after, they were happy cuz' I shared my candy with them. I am so nice. But I also got all the shirts and beeeeeautiful slippers and candy and thanksgiving letters and also a probably 3 month old chocolate chip cookie, we all split it and ate it together. I will say thank you from my own mouth and also all of the other people on the bus. GRACIAS. My shoes had big fat holes in them.

 My new companion, Hermana Faught,  is kinda like my BFF Brittney Merrill, but also very different. I love her. She really pushes me and works SUPER SUPER hard. I have been praying my whole mission to be able to be a better teacher, and she is already helping me a lot. Champ that lady. We laugh a lot and go running everyday. AKA she runs like a freaking gazelle ahead of me and I just mozy my way behind like I did in cross country like a little turtle. But I like turtles... and running. Also we run around the lake in Sta. Elena. SO PRETTY.

I LOVE Santa Elena! The members in this branch are so amazingly helpful! Yesterday the sisters asked us when they could do visits this week. I thought I was dreaming. It was just so beautiful. But right now we are just finding new investigators, trying to get to know the area, find the other investigators of the other Hnas and all of the Less actives and Recent converts. We get home SO tired but...a poco a poco.

We didn't do any divisions this week.  We needed to get to know our area. But I will be doing 2 a week from this day forward so.... that'll be interesting.  My new 'title' Sister Trainer really just means that you just go on divisions to make sure that the sisters are enjoying their lives and being obedient. HAha basically it's just a ZL but girl version.  We go out on  divisions and take care of the sisters and report back to President and work to help correct problems.

 Funny story. We get in a psycho lesson with this man who stars fighting with Hna Faught about prophets and The Book of Mormon and all of that fun stuff. He only believes strictly in the Bible. But that lady just laid the truth down and then to bring back in she asked us all how we all felt when we read the Bible, and after we related that we also feel happy when we read the Book of Mormon and that is the only way you can know if something is true. (That was very condensed but my time is running short. Lo siento)

 Awkward Gringa moments.... Hna Faught and I saw a Mariachi Band walking in the street. We  got so excited and asked them to sing a song for us. Then after we gave them folletos (brochures) and chatted a bit about the gospel and left.... Well apparently their music is not just a hobby. It is their living and we were supposed to pay them and we did not know that. So, basically we are thieves and we feel bad...So if we see them again we will pay them but we were laughing/felt really bad. This is what happens with two girls from the US.

Also I cut my hair today! WOOT WOOT. It is like tot the bottom of my neck. I look 5. I don't care. It is healthy and I am happy. No, I do not have a picture.

I love you all and have a super duper weekkkkkk!

Hna. Sorensen

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