Monday, February 16, 2015

10 meses hoy!

Happy Valentines day!

Actually that was 2 days ago but Happy day anyways because there should always be a reason to be happy.

I had a loveeeelllyyy, very long weekm  here in Sta Elena/Coban because I didn't actually get home until Tuesday night from that blessed place. But all is good and I love it here! We are starting to get to know our area more and getting into the swing of teaching together.
 What is your favorite scripture lesson this week?

 Welllllll this week we were able to place a lot of Books of Mormon which was so great. One thing we realized was how the Book of Mormon literally is the key to everything it can help everyone. Or in the words of Hna  Faught, ´´The Book of Mormon can solve all problems... except world hunger... unless you eat the pages."  So on that note,  we made the decision to apply that lovely book to more of our investigators. But for reals, it was so fun to hear about people's problems and then explain the Book of Mormon to them and see how excited they were to read it. We found one lady for the first time, and she asked us where she could find one. I was the happiest little lady in the world to pull one out of my backpack. I felt like Santa Clause on Christmas. 

During my beautiful studies of studying all the references for each verse of the Book of Mormon this week,  I learned many things. But one thing I am learning from it that is interesting to me is how perfect the timing is for everything. I am learning what was going on at the same time in Jerusalem when Nephi was in the wilderness. I never had thought about it before.

Funniest moment of the week. . or hardest laughter?  Well,  it would be easier for me to tell you when we are not laughing because we laugh quite a lot. But.... I think that the funniest one this week happened on Thursday. We found this way cute lady to go and teach and it was our first lesson with her. She had this giant dog and I was trying to be friends with it and show the Hna we  were normal human beings. Well, we started the lesson and we were explaining all about our message when all of the sudden that giant dog started to get a little bit friendly with my leg. It was so awkward. So I just kinda kicked him away,  and started dying laughing and so did Hna Faught annnnnddd... it was funny. So she put the dog out after that... 

 Everything is lovely! I love it here! The people are so nice and we are all working hard. I love being with Hna Faught because she is way motivated to whip everyone into shape.... also me. Because she makes me go running every morning.and, as I mentioned last week, she runs like a gazelle. And I run like a turtle. So it is funny.

Our house has 3 rooms. The closet room with a little tiny bathroom, our kitchen/bedroom/study room, then we have the clean the dishes room, with a little bathroom and shower. So we both have our own shower and toilet which is nice, but it is very small. But I like it! Is it like the place in Los Campos?  I do not see too many cockroaches but we sure see a lot of mosquitoes!  

Love you all! Have a good week!

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