Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Laughter on the Bus. . and miracles!

Buenas Tardesssss!

How are you all doing! Sounds like a good week full of the priesthood! Good job Devin and Mckenzie for having a child and giving it a name.

This week was good! And it actually rained a lot! Which means a lot more humidity but less heat.... I'm still deciding if it is better or worse but I think I like it better than the super hot sun.

QOW's  Tell us about your daily schedule lately. This week was a little different because it was the first week of changes so we were helping hermanas who are new to their areas and we had a few reunions. But our daily schedule is always the same for your whole mission... unless you have meetings. This week we just didnt get to leave as much in the mornings because we went to San Benito to help the sisters get to know their area.

Tell us a funnnnny travel story. We went to San Andres this week to do divisions. San Andres is about 20 minutes from Sta Elena so it isnt a very long trip. This day wasnt very  different than any other, they piled about 17000 people in the van and we were off. But this time I was sitting smooshed up against this little Guatemalan man who doesn't have any legs. I had seen him a few times in the Market hobbling around with shoes on his hands and joking around with all the bus drivers. As soon as I got on the bus, he kept on trying to talk in English with me but really the only things that he knew how to say were swear words and 'I wuv you bebe' Being stuck on a bus with nowhere to turn I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself. All of the 1700 people were staring at us, and in an awkward situation like that, what do you do? Laugh your brains out, obviously! Then the bus driver put on music and he started to dance. Probably the most entertaining bus ride I have yet had In Guatemala.

What is the miracle of the week? This week we arrived at church a little sad because the couple we are teaching didn't show up. The meeting had started when we turned around and saw a whoooollle family that we had just visited for the first time last week. It was a big miracle for sure. Especially because only the dad speaks Spanish. The other members couldn't even understand the meeting since they only speak Queqchi!

What is the hardest thing about being a missionary? Hmmm... That's rough. I think It is different for everyone. The thing about the mission is, it's so specific for each person. We are literally here to make our 'Weaknesses become Strengths' so depends on who you are. But I think something that is pretty common as a difficulty is the rejection. Sometimes it's hard to get up the courage to do something when you know there is a chance of rejection.

What is your favorite thing about being a missionary?  Seeing people change! It is such a miracle to see people apply the gospel and literally see how there smile is bigger and they just seem to glow with happiness. Gah! I seriously can't even describe it. Also,  I LOVE  to hear the people pray correctly for the first time.

Best method of getting an inactive person interested in the gospel? Haha .. . .let me know when you find a cure. Everyone leaves for different reasons. But I usually try to help them focus on how they felt when they were baptized, why they did it, the difference in their lives when they were keeping the commandments and now.

Love you all a lot! Have a good week!

Hna. Lexi
Santa Elena!

Alberto!  Our recent convert!

Lunch with Elder and Sister Bake

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